A Punk Gem – Yung’s ‘A Youthful Dream’

Danish band impress with energy on debut album

Photo credit: Louise Swärd Alfbecker Photo credit: Louise Swärd Alfbecker

Written by: Marc-Emile Poulin

Yung has released their debut LP, A Youthful Dream, a solid album that definitely leaves a positive impression on the band as they come out with surprising assurance in terms of sound, consistency, and substance. The record wraps us in a chaotic atmosphere, built on spider webs of twisted and hypnotic guitars riffs, very punkish train-like bass, and supported by an eccentric and fresh drumming marathon. The album almost feels like a creation concocted in an old castle secluded somewhere by a mad genius scientist.

Opening song ‘The Hatch’ starts on a very loud note, that launches the listeners directly into a strong wall of sounds. The track leaves no time to breathe and Yung just shows us their intent without wasting any precious time. ‘A Mortal Sin’ is a follow-up that still shakes the air with a confident and powerful rolling drum that drives a very straightforward kind of punk song, while the track ‘Uncombed Hair’ keeps pushing that vigorous energy in an interesting way.

A Youthful Dream doesn’t forget to bring down the tempo, to help us decompress a bit from that wild and vibrant intensity. Songs like ‘Morning View’ bring out the acoustic guitars to calm things down, but still maintain strong stamina with a dynamic drum and a bouncing bass that backs the whole structure of the song very well. ‘The Child’ embraces a sad and melancholic tone but still fills all the spaces with various grooving textures that keeps the signature style of the album.

The Danish band draws on pretty clear influence from garage and punk. These kind of styles have their limitations and it can be hard for a band to break new ground. However, in all honesty, Yung stands out brilliantly. The band conserves those catchy punk lines here and there like in the infectious ‘Pills’, the well-driven ‘Blanket’ and many others. Plus, there’s just a little something, a magic touch in this palette of songs which shows us that the band has really something going on—a solid chemistry between the members that paints every single track with a different color.

In brief, A Youthful Dream is more than an interesting record, it’s a little underground punk gem. It’s the kind of album you’re happy to find and get your hands on like a piece of nice clothing or a majestic antique that you find in a flea market hidden in obscurity. It stays with you; it feels good and sounds good. Yung is a band to check out, do not miss it!

A Youthful Dream was released on 10/6 on Fat Possum Records. Buy it here.

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