New Music in the Rampage Inbox

Little Scream Little Scream

At Rampage, we often get sent videos and clips of songs. Here are a few that have popped up in the inbox that we’d like to share so you can keep your holiday playlist as fresh as newly fallen snow.

Little Scream’s People

Little Scream’s newest tune is an anthem for today with its chorus, “Come on, People. What’s wrong with us, People?”


Holy Fuck’s Neon Dad

It’s kind of a mini epic. 12 minutes of music/story/visuals.

Fleece’s What You’ve Done

This Montreal band came to fame for its cheeky parody ‘How to Make an Alt-J song’ last year. They’re releasing their second album, best described as jazz-psychedelia.

Clipping’s Splendor and Misery Short Film

Making films rather than videos seems to be a thing this year. This is a surreal, post-apocalyptic film by L.A. rap deconstructionist trio. Yes, that means it’s weird.

Asmara Remix of Kristin Kontrol’s Show Me

If you don’t make it out to a club, you might not hear this one.

Tim Presley’s Clue

Art rock’s still a thing. Tim will be in Montreal in February, so find out what he’s about.

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