Review: 1987 A Different Kind of Teen Movie

1987 yan turcotte 1987 yan turcotte

The ’80s was a time to think forward, where everyone had crazy hair-dos, stylish clothes – and all those other great things the 80’s brought, like car radios! 1987, about the ’80s is the fourth film by Quebec director Ricardo Trogi.

In the form of a story meant to be shared between friends or acquaintances, we are told the story of Ricardo Trogi, the film director and the writer of this opus. This is a summer where hormones are flying and Ricardo is 17, about to turn 18. All he wants is what any boy wants: get into a bar, lose his virginity, make money fast and most of all – get a car!



Everyone in the story plays a very stereotypical role, the mom trying to lose weight on some flimsy diet, the father trying to be present and not at the same time. His girlfriend cries constantly and has mood swings. Jean-Carl Boucher, playing a young Ricardo, was fast, witty, and well played. Rose Adam and Claudio Colangelo, playing both of Ricardo’s parents, appear occasionally throughout the movie and play their parts so credibly that the audience thinks it is staying over at a typical french Quebecer’s home. In the end, it all serves its purpose even though it was somewhat predictable. Fortunately, Ricardo has many punchy lines. The characters make the film flourish as Ricardo is slowly making a point with this movie.



From the very first scene, he makes sure to be very critical on the Quebec government’s system of education. While the government, who are all presented sitting around a table debating how they will educate the youth, Ricardo finds himself bringing truth around the table. He remarks “You’re asking us to decide what to do with our future, but ask no questions about going to a bar before age 18.” We cannot but be on his side. Who has never tried sneaking into a bar? All the issues present are not issues dating back to the ’80s, but are issues still occurring today.

1987 is an excellent film that raises some important points while staying a teenage film. Fun, refreshing and fired by young spirit, this is one french movie you won’t want to miss.

1987 is open in theatres now.

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