Tonight: Maribou State Plays Newspeak

maribou state maribou state

Maribou State is an English electronic music duo formed by two producers Chris Davids and Liam Ivory.
After discovering their shared passion for music, the duo made its debut as Maribou State in 2011 after doing some remixes (Lana Del Rey and Kelis to name a few). The duo released three EPs that had exponential success and their debut album Portraits was released this year with Counter Records.

Since their inception, Maribou State has attracted dreaming fans to their acoustic electro music and it has taken over the European scene. Their innovative approach for their sound work and their interest in tribal and organic sounds gives their music a warm and intriguing atmosphere. Their productions feature other artists such as Jimi Nxir, Nubiya Brandon or Holly Walker who bring a touch of charm that caresses the senses and showcases their mystical and exotic trip.

Portraits marks a new rise in Maribou State’s career. In the album, the duo unveils two new titles that have silky grooves and vaporous melodies. The first single Rituals recalls the neat compositions of their beginnings but marks a maturity in the two musicians. Later on, we discover The Clown featuring the producer and longtime friend Pedestrian which, with his melancholy voice adds a sentimental touch to the whole.

With their music, Maribou State invents a genre by positioning themselves between Chillout and Club music.

Maribou State with Construct and Vowels will stop in Montreal on Thursday 3rd December at Newspeak (1403 St Elisabeth). 10 p.m.-3 a.m. $5. Details HERE.

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