Top Five Demos of Montreal from 2015

Cloaca demo from Bandcamp Cloaca demo from Bandcamp

Parasytes – Demo 2015

Some good old-fashioned, female-fronted punk rock to shove into your earholes. There’s more coming soon!

F.I.T.S. – Demo 2015

Fast, short and erratic hardcore. I have no idea what F.I.T.S. stands for, but I look forward to seeing more of this band.

Fuck Toute – Demo

With a name like “Fuck Toute” you know you’re signing up for some raw Quebecois punk.

Cloaca – Demo

This seven-track demo will violently assault your mind with its shrieked vocals and machine gun drums.

Dealer – Don’t Worry I Got Chu Man

Picking up from the ashes of Whiskey Tax, Dealer is the perfect thrash metal band. Blistering guitar solos, high-pitched operatic shrills and shout-along choruses. Great music to break furniture to at the next keg party.

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