Transit Has Audiences Jumping

Transit. Photo Norbi Whitney Transit. Photo Norbi Whitney

Flip FabriQue presented the world premiere of their latest creation, Transit, on July 7 at the TOHU. The Quebec City circus troupe presented their first show Attrape-moi three years ago at Montréal Complètement Cirque, which was a hit.

They are back with a crazy show, which includes a trampoline wall, hula hoops, aerial straps, juggling and of course, impressive acrobatics.

Transit. Photo Norbi Whitney

Transit. Photo Norbi Whitney

The show is full of colours with various numbers from the five guys and the girl of the troupe. From solo to group numbers, the characters are funny and charming. The craziest part is when there are four jumping ropes in action and four of them are skipping rope. It almost seems unreal. Two performers are turning a long rope allowing two other performers to skip while simultaneously turning their own rope for another two performers as they do a double shift- skipping with their own individual rope in addition to the larger one.

Transit. Photo Norbi Whitney

Transit. Photo Norbi Whitney

In the opening number, the guys are stuck in a large metal case during a flight. When they’re finally released, they stick the girl in it. She somehow manages to escape and they all start jumping over the case while flipping and jumping in the air.

If you can only see one circus show, pick Transit. You are guaranteed laughs, gasps and shocks for 75 minutes.

Transit is at TOHU (2345 Jarry East) from July 12-16 at 7 p.m. $32/25/15/30 (25% off for TOHU Mordus). More information about show and tickets can be bought here.

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