30 Years Is Immortal: Horse and Chariot Announce EP, Release Single

Horse and Chariot Horse and Chariot

Moon-feather Immortal works as a gardener, and his greatest possession in the world is a box of tapes. “[The tapes] contain thousands of songs I’ve recorded over the years,” Mr. Immortal says. His band, Horse and Chariot, will release their debut 3-track EP, Big Treble, on March 24th.
Some say ‘publish and be damned.’ Mr. Immortal disagrees. It has taken him no less than 30 years to perfect these songs. “My sensibilities have evolved,” he says, “But the songs are the same.”

The EP’s single, “Goin Back Home, Minor Reprise” dropped last week; you can listen to it on Soundcloud. Michael Papenburg’s fuzzy guitar adheres to the universal laws of psych rock distortion. The snappy drums Sim Cain drive the song just ahead of the beat and Immortal’s vocals are downright poppy. On their press release, the band members insist they play a celebratory form of glam rock.

Moon-feather Immortal has a different name on his social security card. He has assumed his pseudonym to avoid detection and to maintain a purely sonic identity. “I will never tour and will probably never play live … my only intention is to release quality music.” San Francisco has a new dark knight.

Immortal’s unique guitar sound has a botanical and mathematical explanation. He tunes his six strings down lower than usual and bases their pitch on the Fibonacci sequence. Some of the very plants that Immortal tends bear this ratio in their structure. He’s taking their lead.

Horse and Chariot do not exactly have a Warren Buffet-blessed business plan, and for that, they have stolen our hearts. We will be anxiously awaiting more on March 24th.