A Glimpse of Derek Seguin. Tabarnastic!

Derek Seguin in Calgary Derek Seguin in Calgary

The one and only thing that comes first for Montreal born comedian Derek Seguin is to entertain his crowd no matter what the cost.


Coming from a French-Canadian and Irish background, Derek is fluently bilingual in both French and English. However, you absolutely must hear his adorable French-Canadian accent which is part of his big personality. Out of his family, he is the most French, however this does not stop him from performing shows both in English and in French.

Derek didn’t always dream of becoming a comedian. He got up on stage for the first time at the age of 31 and finally begins performing comedy full time 4 to 5 years later. He calls himself  “a story teller, a long form comedian” that adds a couple of punch lines among his stories. His humor is self-propelled and very observational, and his inspiration comes from his everyday life experiences, where his family and more precisely his kids, play a big part in his jokes.

Derek Seguin interacts with his crowd on a one-way basis mostly, and expects little participation from his audience. So, don’t be afraid of sitting close to the stage.

Even though he is careful not to belittle people, no subject is off limits for Derek. As long as he makes the crowd laugh he is happy! His crowds are very important to him, he says that they are the ones that keep him humble, and therefore he has a lot of gratitude towards his fans.

Derek has toured in every province in the country several times, going from the most western part of Canada to the most eastern part, and has even performed in the North Pole for ‘Santa Claus’ (or so he said)!

Derek Seguin

Derek Seguin


When asked if comedy makes him more laid-back as a person he replies that he tries to enjoy himself as much as he can and not take himself too seriously. According to this Montreal native, “All comedians are a little bit psychotic.” Fame has certainly not gotten to his head because he constantly reinvents his humor by thinking of his audiences. He even thinks of the people working at the comedy clubs; he wants them to enjoy his performances even if his shows are back to back for a couple of days.

Derek Seguin’s next performance in Montreal takes place during  Saint-Patrick’s Day weekend. As part of his Irish heritage Derek plans to attend the parade and do what everyone else does there: drink and party!

Derek Seguin headlines at the Comedy Nest (2313 St. Catherine West) with Peter Radomski, Franco Taddeo, Chantale Desjardins, and John Ki on March 13-15. Shows at 8 p.m. (Thurs-Sat) and 10:30 p.m (Sat-Sun). $6/10/12/15.

He can also be seen at the “So You Think You’re Bilingual Show” on March 30th and the “Pre-Election Comedy Show” on April 6th, also at the Comedy Nest (2313 St. Catherine W).

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  1. Derek Seguin, Derek Edwards, John Steinberg, and Gavin Crawford are the funniest, most talented comedians on stage. Their preparation is so flawless that they move seamlessly through their routines with an ad libbing quality that emotes casual conversation, while leaving themselves open to audience response, but never obviously milking it.

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