CBC ComedyCoup: DÉPFLIES among the top 110 in Canada


Montreal is a lot of great things, like poutine, the Old Port, and well… traffic and crazy driving and our inability of understanding the manners of public transportation( I am referring to letting people out of the subway train).

Most importantly though, Montreal has an incredible comedy scene that is more known and familiar to local fans, mostly because we can relate to bilingual jokes and things that only a Montrealer would get.

What you probably did not know is that Montreal’s Le Nouveau International organization’s (a resident company at Théâtre Ste-Catherine) project DÉPFLIES made it to the top 110 projects in Canada for CBC’s ComedyCoup!

What are DÉPFLIES?

I guess their promotional video would do a great job at describing what this project is all about. In case if you refuse to watch the video (why would you though? Unless you are at work…)


DÉPFLIES project is a bilingual television series concept based on the original plays that have been performed in Théâtre Ste-Catherine since 2012. Considering that the plays were performed in 8 installments and the success that came with each play, the development of the series into a television show was much anticipated among loyal supporters. As the name suggests, the action of the show will be happening in a depanneur (a convenience store) on the streets of St Henri, Montreal.

What is CBC Comedy Coup?

CBC Comedy Coup is a fierce & funny competition for the prime time half hour comedy series special and a $500,000 in funding for the comedy series development. Starting from October 2 2014, the battle between Canada’s most courageous and creative comedy teams will go on for 10 weeks. Each week you will be able to see new teaser videos, choose your favourite projects and cheer for those you love the most for the purpose of enjoying their series sometime in fall 2015.

Become a Hero

If you always wanted to be a superhero but work and other things got in the way, now is your chance. To help DÉPFLIES follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Sign up on the ComedyCoup website to become a fan.

Step 2: Visit the DÉPFLIES project page where you can follow, rate and share the project. If you need tips, the most effective way to help your team is by favourit-ing it.

Note: You can earn badges which can be translated to votes. At launch there are 4 badges active, and you can earn more badges each week to increase the votes of their favorite teams.

The voting period starts this week and to celebrate this historical event Théâtre Ste-Catherine (264 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montréal) is hosting DÉPFLIES on Thursday October 23 2014 at 8 pm. Free. For more info CLICK HERE