Disney on Ice: A Treasure Trove for Kids and Adults

Disney on Ice. Disney on Ice.

At Montreal Rampage, when I heard that Disney on Ice was coming at the Bell Center once again, I knew I had to check the show out. I was sent in to spy and review, and I had an awesome time.

First of all, the show starts with Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Donald on skates. They welcome you for the night as hosts. Their role is very simple: lead you through the worlds of your favorite characters. The fun thing is that you cannot just sit and watch. Nope. You have to guess what story you are about to see. One of the hosts gives you some clues, and you have to take a guess. What a fun experience for the children (and adults) of the audience ! I thought it was a very wonderful idea!

And then, the journey begins. In Treasure Trove we visit the worlds of Peter Pan, Snow White, The Lion King, Aladdin and The Little Mermaid. With firerworks and special effects, everything is done to make you forget that Disney Magic is not real. You will dream, laugh, be touched, and sing along your favorite songs. Even if you are not especially a Disney Fan, this show is so entertaining that it is worth sharing with a friends or your family. After all, who does not have an inner child always ready to dream? Plus, who did not hear Disney songs as a child? If you tell me that you never sang or danced to “Hakuna Matata,” I do not believe you.

For every story that is presented on ice, you have either a shorter version of the movie with a few songs, or the most famous song of the film. The set changes constantly for the pleasure of the eyes, and the costumes are the exact replica of the ones in the movies.

In the Treasure Trove adventure you spend time with beloved characters: Ariel and Sebastian, Peter Pan, Simba and some of the cast of the Lion King, Snow White and the Dwarfs, Aladdin and his Genie. You will even see Rapunzel of Tangled kick some ass.

I particularly loved The Lion King and Aladdin. For Aladdin, I thought the costumes were amazing and could not get over the big elephant on ice (Abu turned from monkey to elephant) and the beautiful choreography. I should also mention the flying carpet (actually flying), which was a very awesome moment for everyone in the audience (including my inner child).

The Lion King piece was also fantastic. The costumes, the artistic direction, the set: everything was perfect. I mean you could actually be in the movie. You could see the giant rock of Simba’s kingdom, the red sun, and all your favorite characters. Everything actually came to life under my eyes. Every single person in the audience started to sing along the famous songs too and Hakuna Matata was a great success that night.

I should also mention the fantastic moment where Tinkerbell flew high up in the air, above the ice of the Bell Center. There are a lot of other surprises awaiting you, so please stop by. The audience included not just children and their parents, but also friends, teens in love, and old married couples. It is not often that you see such a variety of people at a show. So take a leap of faith and check it out, even if you’re not a Disney fan.

There is no better way for me to end this review than to share an image that has stuck in my head since I left the show. It is the image of a three-year-old girl, dressed up as a princess, lighting a lantern with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider of Tangled near the ice. This young princess, after helping our heroes, said goodbye to them. Right before joining the audience, she turned to Rapunzel and gave her a big hug. See, for that little princess, Rapunzel was real. This is why Disney on Ice is so magic: it is a place were dreams do come true.

Disney on Ice continues at the Bell Center until October 12 in both English and French at 11 a.m., 3 p.m., and 7 p.m. You can find the schedule of the performances and get tickets HERE. $26-94