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Basic Human Rights

right to die t-shirt from right to die society

right to die t-shirt from right to die society

Last Friday the Supreme Court of Canada passed a unanimous ruling that Canadian adults now have the right end their lives with a doctor’s help. I for one say it’s about time and I know a couple of people who should take this into consideration ASAP. Oh loosen up, I’m just kidding and it’s nothing you haven’t thought of already. I’m just saying it out loud.

Bill 10 vs. Community Groups

paperowrk gif
The Quebec Liberals had enough steam to push through Bill 10. The controversial bill will see individual health institutional boards abolished, mainly hospital boards, and replaced with 28 regional boards. The move should save the government an estimated $200 million dollars a year. Of course every community group in Quebec is against the Bill, which makes sense because, after all, this is Quebec where we usually have more people deciding what needs to be done than people actually doing it.

First World Immigrant Problems

bus routes west island

bus routes west island

Ibra Kandji is a gentleman that moved to Quebec from Senegal four years ago. He moved to Montreal’s West-Island when he discovered a very sour realization: “It’s very disappointing to hear that you’ve moved to a chosen destination because you speak French. It’s English that takes precedence in the West Island. But should it?” asked Kandji. He claims that his lack of English even affected his chances of landing a job. Well, perhaps someone should show Mr. Kandji what a bus looks like and explain to him that with a bus pass he can go all over the city, even off the West-Island. I am not sure how things work in Senegal, but here in Quebec we have a thing called freedom, if you don’t like the area you live in, move.


archery fail
Target Canada started the “big” liquidation Super Sale last week. People braved the frigid cold, lining up in front of Target stores all across Canada in anticipation. You know what? They got screwed. The merchandise was not there and apparently neither were the discounts. You know what I say to the people who wasted their time and froze their toes waiting to get into Target last week? It looks good on you. This is Target we’re talking about, the company that tried to sell us dumb Canadians the same stuff it sells in the States, only more expensive. The same Target that is now leaving our country and leaving 17 000 people out of work. I would not walk into another Target store if my ass was on fire and they had the only hose. Take off, Target, and don’t let the screen door hit your ass on your way out.

Last Week at a Glance:

Parent Teacher Conference Needed Stat

the wall 1982

the wall 1982

A Montreal teacher was suspended last week for taping one of her grade 5 students to a chair. Oh, I am not making this up. Look, I don’t know the circumstances, the kid probably deserved to be taped to the chair, but that doesn’t change the fact that you just can’t do that. Did the teacher think that no one would notice? Did she think that kid would not tell his mother what happened at school that day? “How was your day Honey?” “Well Mom, let me tell you…”

Parent Teacher Conference Needed Stat #2

priscilla queen of the desert

priscilla queen of the desert

Speaking of schools, here is a headline that I read last week: ‘Transvestite Day cancelled at St. Constant elementary school.’ Ya think? How do you think the ‘Home and School’ committee Moms and Dads reacted to that one? School officials had approved the plan to have children wear clothes of the opposite sex to school for one day to explore differences in human behaviour. There were also going to be refreshments and a reenactment of ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”.

Good Morning, Sun. Good Morning, Clouds

photo morning gloryville

photo morning gloryville

Morning Gloryville Montreal, yes morning raves have made their way to Montreal. What started in London in 2013 has made its way to 13 different cities across the globe in four different continents so far and one of them is (yup, you guessed it) Montreal. What is it you, ask? Well let me tell you. It’s a bunch of people dressing up like hippies and dancing their sweaty asses off to techno music at 6:30 in the morning. If you can think of anything more dreadful in the world please contact me and let me know. Uggg.

Last Word of the Week:

A 56 year Detroit man named James Robertson has walked 20 miles to work every day for nine years. He works in a factory in Rochester Hills for $10.55 an hour. Once his car broke down he could not afford to buy a new one, so be began taking the bus, however the bus does not cover the whole route so he walked the rest of the way. He has had perfect attendance at his job for over 12 years. Since this story broke in the news he has been given a car by Ford, and with the help of Evan Leedy, a 19 year old student and GoFundMe, a fund raising site, he now has over $310 000 in donations. Good on you Mr. Robertson, I take my hat off to you sir. You are an inspiration.

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