La Foire Gives Artists A Chance

Fojan Nixie Shabrang, Escapement © Jonathan Kim Fojan Nixie Shabrang, Escapement © Jonathan Kim

Artists, this may be exactly what you’re looking for!

Ludmila Steckelberg. Photo by JF Carrier.

Montreal, Arts Interculturels is piloting a new format to showcase, network, and promote professional artists with an intercultural practice. La Foire R, R & R (Respect, Recognition & Representation) is a visibility platform and showcase intended to promote professional dance, theatre, music and interdisciplinary productions as well as visual art-based works by artists with an intercultural practice.

I saw this event and got really excited for you. In my mind, if I wrote about it, someone who needs to see this RIGHT NOW would get the chance they’ve been searching for. Are you that someone? Have you been looking for that right opportunity to meet other artists as well as presenters, producers, agents, festival organizers and curators? MAI hopes to create a setting for dialogue and exchange for you through information sessions, conferences, pitch sessions, performances and exhibition opportunities. La Foire has two main events as part of its initial offering: a Pitch Session, In-studio presentations.

So, what will the Pitch Session look like? They will select six artists/companies to present their new or upcoming project to a wide audience of creatives. After the ten minute presentation, one-on-one feedback will be provided by a panel of professionals.

How about the In-studio presentations? Artists will have 90 minutes of informal in-studio presentations. Show off what you’re working on, something you’re proud of, or a mix of both.

In addition to the pitch session and presentations, there will also be four nights of pluridisciplinary showcases organized by each: MAI, Black Theatre Workshop, Accès Asie, and Festival LatinArte.

What a fantastic opportunity to get input from people in the biz and in the know- a chance to really streamline your pitch! You might meet the person who can move your work or get you the exposure to take your work to the next level. What are you waiting for? Submit your electronic proposal HERE by August 24th with a clear project description with technical needs.

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