Montreal ComicCon: Day 1 in photos

The 9th edition of Montreal ComicCon got underway today, with the beginning of its programming and the opening of the expo floor and artist alley. Fantastic cosplay, great collectibles, huge stars and fun for all was the order of the day.

ComicCon continues tomorrow and Sunday. Tickets are on sale at



Welcome to Comiccon



Joker photobomb. That won’t end well.

Rogues gallery

Solid Snake cosplay. Gamers will get it.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. Cosplay, it goes without saying.

The arena awaits the gladiators for their next battle.

Miniature play.

Ragnarok role playing game in progress.

Table top gaming

Game over…

Retro gaming

When will you have another chance to play one of those?

Retro gamer. Kind of depressing to realize I played a lot of them.

Anime dubbing battle. So much fun!

Lord Vader must have called because he didn’t even stop for the photo. I guess he missed me.


Accidental selfie.

Cosplay. Don’t cross him.

Cosplay. I bet you want to catch some Pokemons now.


Even Toronto hangs out at Montreal Comiccon.

Nintendo Zone.


I don’t remember that Ninja Turtle? Cosplay.

Sweet ride.

All kinds of outfits are on sale for those who live their fantasy battles.

Cosplay. Who you gonna call?

Indie game zone

Innovative games in the indie zone.

Cosplay. Gentlemen villains

CGC is on site to get your comics graded. That is just an ad, but a 9.2 Amazing Fantasy 15 would be worth a few tens of thousands. Dollars.



Cosplay. THIS. IS. SPARTA!


Want to try the Nintendo Switch?


You can preview upcoming games.

Big presence from Sony

K.I.T.T. replica

These are the droids we’re looking for.

Gandalf cosplay

So many shirts they have to make a tower out of them!

Discovering new games in the Indie zone

Indie Game Zone

Time to refresh your wardrobe? Comiccon has your back.

Comics as far as the eye can see

Dalek… shopping?


Optimus Prime is in the house!



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