My Montreal Bucket List: Watching Ice Hockey Live!

Game Time. Photo by Annie Shreeve

Anyone who has been in Montreal for more than five minutes will know just how devoted Montrealers are to ice hockey, and in particular their home team, The HABS. So whether you are a local or a tourist, attending an ice hockey match while you are in Montreal, is an absolutely must-do!

Ice hockey across Canada and the United States is a huge. I certainly feel this every time a game is on! Game nights are one of three things… Bars and restaurants lacking a television are empty. Bars and restaurants with the game showing are packed! And the Bell Centre is an absolute wild house! Alive with dedicated fans cheering on their team, it is certainly an incredible experience.

Montreal Canadien at the FaceOff. Photo by Annie Shreeve

Montreal Canadien at the FaceOff. Photo by Annie Shreeve

The Montreal Canadiens, more casually known as The Habs, are Montreal’s home team. And there is no doubt this city is proud of them. Coloured in red, white and blue, the team is successful and very well loved. The Habs, and abbreviated English nickname derived from Les Habitants, were founded in 1909. They are the longest continually operated ice hockey team and the only existing NHL team who were established before the league began. Pretty impressive, I say!

This year’s ice hockey season began late September and runs through until April 11 with the most intense weeks during finals time. But already, from game one, ice hockey excitement fills the streets of Montreal.

Montreal Canadiens at the Bell Centre. Photo by Annie Shreeve

Montreal Canadiens at the Bell Centre. Photo by Annie Shreeve

Intense from the beginning, attending these games at the Bell Centre are an incredible experience. The flashing lights, the loud music, the cheerleading, the loud-speaker announcements, the incredible spirit of the fans and even the soda and hotdogs. As someone who did not grow up with these kinds of intense sporting events, it feels more like something from the movies than a regular sporting match. But I guess that just makes it even more exciting!


I can honestly say, loved every second of my Bell Centre ice hockey experience. As the music plays and the cheering began, the adrenaline began to pump. And it ran, stronger and stronger with each cheer, each near miss, each attempted shot and every single goal! As the periods progress, I shuffle closer and closer to the edge of my little plastic seat. Watching the players and the puck glide across the ice is a little like poetry in motion. Well, rough poetry, but the notion is similar none the less. The game is quick, intense and highly entertaining.

So for anyone who is even the slightest bit interested in Montreal’s culture or team sports, I would highly recommend attending a Canadiens game at the Bell Centre. It truly is an amazing Canadian and Montreal experience!

The Bell Centre is located downtown Montreal (1909 Canadiens-de-Montréal Ave). Information regarding the schedule and tickets for ice hockey games at the Bell Centre can be found on the website, here.

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