Review: Always Up for A Good Fart Joke. Henry Phillips at the Comedy Nest

Henry Phillips Henry Phillips

If you have not yet been to the Comedy Nest, at the Atwater Forum, then perhaps, it’s time to book your seats and attend one of their evenings! The Comedy Nest is the perfect place to catch international comedy headliners such as the hilarious Henry Phillips preceded by local comedians such as Jeff Schouela: the evening host on that particular day, Tim Rabnett and Jess Salomon.

Overall, the comedians had good stage presence and good interaction with their crowd, which filled up the place rather quickly before the show started. A little advice: try not to sit in the front, if you don’t want to be picked on by the comedians. Luckily, Henry Phillips, Jeff Schouela, Tim Rabnett and Jess Salomon were not too ruthless with their crowd. Because some comedians can be quite brutal and embarrass you, that is if you cannot laugh at yourself.

Stand-up comedy is mostly male dominated. Therefore, it’s always refreshing to see a woman, such as the down to earth Jess Salomon who is equally funny to her male peers entertain and get cheered by the crowd. Her witty and cheeky humor merits more time than the short amount she got on stage at the Comedy Nest.

The opening acts set the stage smoothly for the main performer of the evening. U.S native, Henry Phillips’ performance was very entertaining. What really made his appearance special is his singing act, which to my surprise had very catchy tunes. Henry Phillips integrated humor into his songs beautifully. Needless to say, the man can sing. The songs were about his funny life experiences, such as the one where he got acquainted with ants on his table from one of America’s unrefined and unpalatable fast food chains as well as about his past love life. The crowd even participated in his last song with a couple of lyrics! And of course, who doesn’t secretly enjoy the dirty taboo and publicly humiliating subject of a good fart joke.

The Comedy Nest (2313 Ste Catherine W) hosts mainliners Thursdays – Saturday, with special shows on Tuesday and Wednesday. Shows start at 8pm.

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