Review : Andy Hendrickson at the Comedy Works

Friday April 4th 2014 at The Comedy Works, what an awesome show! First off, what an amazing comedy room there! Brick walls with photos of all the famous comedians that have performed there, a blue neon sign hangs on the stage brick wall, with the name of the venue, lighting off gracefully the back of the comedian’s heads, the waitresses flying from every corner of the room to serve drinks from the bar situated in the back of the room. On the sides of the room are wall couches so the guests can sink in comfortably and enjoy the show with a drink in their hand. There is also a fireplace, which does not work of course for the safety of the customers, however its presence gives a warm feel to the place.

Host Rodney Ramsey lit off the crowd with his vibrant energy! Not an awkward moment in his acts. His comedy touched upon all kinds of subjects such as the weather outside — it was raining cats and dogs on that particular night — however according to him “Better than F**c***g snow!!” His jokes flowed seamlessly from one to the other and one could see that Ramsey was a great host because he was quick to improvise as well as deliver solid material.

Opener of the night, the talented Heidi Foss who is definitely not a newcomer to the comedy scene delivered great jokes. Her humor consists mostly of hilarious one-liners, where Heidi presents very short funny stories such as the one where she explains her logic behind why she doesn’t need to change the bed sheets on her king sized bed. If you see Heidi performing you will get to know her logic.

Veteran of the comedy scene, US native and headliner, Andy Hendrickson, did not disappoint with his material. Hendrickson has already appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman and his comedy style is one of storytelling. He seemed really genuine and comfortable on stage which translated well with his audience, who was in fact enchanted by his humor. People were laughing hysterically at his jokes. His stories connected nicely and he made associations back and forth between them. His humor was very light and the spectators could easily relate to his jokes such as his wine tasting experience with the Asian pear flavor.

Among his other jokes were the ones where he talks about how Americans got fat in relation to their history, how Canadians trick foreigners with the poutine and can hence identify them, and his attribution of his pale complexion to “SPF his brother”. Andy’s performance was hilarious, he was very down to earth. He is definitely one comedian to watch out for!