Review: GOAT’s Commune Creates its own Mythology


Does everyone believe that spelling errors discredit you? As a writer who usually drinks too much, spews frantic streams of consciousness and rarely gives a shit enough to spell check, I’m gonna say an emphatic Fuck No.

However, when you spell the name of your own damn town wrong, I’d say you either have dyslexia or are lying. GOAT, are you guys really from Korpilombolo? Because you spelled it wrong on your website. Sure, it’s a tricky word to spell, but Wikipedia called your asses out, so if it was me, I’d go back and Google that shit. If you’re going to create stories for your fans, at least spell ‘em properly. Oh well, there’s something beautiful about creating mythology, and the mythology of Korpilombolo is as dark and intriguing as the band that claims to be from there.

I’ve been listening to GOAT since World Music came out in 2012 so when Commune dropped, I was pretty thrilled to give it a listen.

I feel like fans of GOAT are probably an eclectic bunch of longhairs that own white cats and like taxidermy. You all probably have a small altar of feathers and stones. You may have a tattoo of a bat and like to explore the forest at night. You feel weird when there’s a full moon. You used to live in your jam space.

The titles of the tracks on Commune read like a pagan grocery list of all the necessary ingredients to make a witches’ brew of incendiary trip-outs:

  • Talk to God.
  • The Light Within.
  • Gathering of Ancient Tribes.

I kid you not. This is a heavy trip, my friends. GOAT, you are definitely an acquired taste, there’s no denying that. But these mystical musicians are skilled enough to get away with war drums and ritualistic cannibal jams. If anyone else tried to do an album like this, it would be lame as fuck. You hear me? Don’t jump on the pagan bandwagon okay? There’s no room for you. This isn’t like the next grunge craze. Screw you, Silverchair.

Goat. Commune

Goat. Commune

The best thing I can recommend is to go brew yourself up some tea. You know what I mean. Put a scarf over your lamp, hold onto dear life to your black Tibetan crystal, burn some sage and sit tight.

To sum up, this album is incredible. If you only like trap music or Arcade Fire, well, first of all, go fuck yourself. Secondly, maybe you need a spiritual awakening. In which case, put on GOAT’s Commune and prepare to have your pineal gland kissed intimately by the wild fireside dance that is this album.

Good luck.

GOAT’s Commune is out now.

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