Reviewed by Robyn: Azealia Banks’ Debut Is Flawless

Azealia Banks’ debut album “Broke With Expensive Taste” might be the best album that 2014 has to offer. Though this is her debut album, Ms Banks is not new to the scene. She has released mixtapes and a few tracks in the past but, like many rap artists, has had quite the struggle getting her record label to release an album. The wait is almost never worth it, but with “Broke With Expensive Taste” it definitely was.

Every track on this album is an example of musical expertise. I think that Azealia Banks is one of the most talented artists I’ve heard in a while; she can sing, she can rap, she is beautiful and her whole album is audio gold. From tracks like “Ice Princess” which could never be written in a better way – it features an eerie wintery instrumental piece that is too perfect for the lyrical content – to songs like “Chasing Time” which show off a more pop side of her, the album is everything I could have been expecting and more.

If it isn’t obvious, I give “Broke With Expensive Taste” a very solid A+.  Since the album was released on November 7th, I have barely listened to anything else. If you have yet to hear it, I strongly recommend it especially to people who aren’t afraid of mixed-genre tracks. By the way, technically the album is “witch pop” and I bet it’s because there was magic involved in recording it.