Reviewed By Robyn: Pond New Album Is Equally Trippy & Spacey

Pond’s new album “Man It Feels Like Space Again” is probably the most accurately named album I’ve ever heard. The record is like Xanax in musical format, each song is very spacey and within a minute of listening I felt more relaxed and at ease. Some fans were worried when rumours stated that this new album would have an electronic vibe (as in EDM style). While it does indeed have an electronic vibe, it only adds to the space vibe. It is definitely not an EDM album.

If you have ever wondered what it would feel like to live without gravity, you will love the place this record transports you to. I felt like I was floating while I listened to the tracks, letting the music lift me into a calm and chill mood. Some of the songs, like Outside Is The Right Side, are a bit groovier than others. Meanwhile there are songs like Man It Feels Like Space Again that are made to be the soundtrack to your daydreams. It’s safe to say that all of these songs are pretty trippy, they go on for at least four minutes and have a transportation-of-the-mind quality that can’t be described any other way.

This is the kind of album that expands a person’s musical palette; it is slightly psychedelic, slightly rock, with a comfortable undertone of electronic space music. Fans of many genres could easily listen to Pond’s record and come away with a new love for this style of music.

Although it’s not really the type of music you sing along to, the record is still very enjoyable and worth a listen. It also has the sound of a record that needs to be heard on vinyl to get the best experience out of it, and because I am a vinyl-lover this is A-OK to me. I give their album a B+; I hope that “Man It Feels Like Space Again” creates new Pond fans as it is a pretty good record.