Reviewed by Robyn: Taylor Swift’s 1989 Worse Than I Thought It Would Be

I have been holding off officially review Taylor Swift’s new album because frankly I know I have an unpopular opinion here. This is my least favourite Taylor Swift album yet. And since I am being honest, I bought ticket for her RED tour (which I later sold when I came to my senses).  I have had a weakness for Miss Swift in the past. The last thing I want to say before I continue is that I have nothing against Taylor as a person nor do I consider myself to be a Taylor hater.

I hate the album “1989” more than I thought possible. This album came out last week and already I feel like I have heard it too many times for me to handle. I could barely get through most of the tracks on the album, save for a few tracks which I’m sure are the singles on the album. Most artists sell out which is fine, but unfortunately Swift’s official swap to the pop genre leaves me with little to respect her for as a musician. At least when she was country it seemed more plausible she contributed more than some shitty lyrics about her most recent breakup.

Each of the tracks on the record are over-produced and I swear most of the melodies are taken from other songs. Again, a lot of artists reuse melodies but they also do it with better songs than these. One example I will provide of this (if you dare to listen) is in the track “Out of the Woods”; the chorus sounds like build up from “The Circle of Life”. All in all, the album shows no talent from Swift and that’s the worst part. When she was behind a guitar, she was so much closer to actually being a musician that I could deal with.

I will admit there are a few catchy songs on the album. I don’t think it could be a Taylor Swift album without one or two songs that you shamefully love because they are just so damn catchy. Including those tracks, the album is still overproduced, uninspiring and frankly not worth listening to and definitely not worth purchasing. I give the album a C-, and I’m only passing it because I don’t hate Taylor and there are two or three catchy songs you just have to dance to.

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