RX for Winter: Get Thee to the Wiggle Room!

Dan Derkson and Misty Portugal of the Weird Ass Game Show. Photo Nancy Berman. Dan Derkson and Misty Portugal of the Weird Ass Game Show. Photo Nancy Berman.

In the dead of winter, the pull of the couch, Netflix, and a bottle of wine is hard to resist. And I say go ahead — surrender to the remote, especially if you have a warm body to cuddle up with. Or even a small dog. Or just an electric blanket. But don’t do it every night. Especially not every Thursday night. Because at least one Thursday night this winter, you must go to the Wiggle Room to watch — or even participate in! — the Weird Ass Game Show.

Another brainchild of the hilariously awesome Dan Derkson, the Weird Ass Game Show is just that: a game show. That is very weird. And sometimes you will even see a more or less bare and naked ass (I did!). It works like this: there are three “celebrity” (I use the term somewhat loosely) contestants, who are each paired up with a volunteer from the audience. Dan emcees in his usual hilarious fashion, attempting when necessary to maintain order among the contestants, who may in certain cases be inebriated, and in others merely competing for attention. Either way the comedic ante is upped.

Dan Derkson and Misty Portugal of the Weird Ass Game Show

Dan Derkson and Misty Portugal of the Weird Ass Game Show

The first couple of games are a cinch: the celebrity contestant has to guess whether his or her partner owns a waffle iron, for example. The partner writes the answer on a white board and then the guessing begins. That doesn’t sound very funny, you’re thinking. But somehow it is, and things escalate quickly. It’s surprising to see who answers yes to “have you ever had sex while two or more people watched” or “how many people in the audience have a foot fetish?” Contestants are also asked to compete in entertaining activities like creating an act with their partner and a toilet brush, or picking up a small paper bag off the floor, with their teeth, and nothing but their feet touching the floor. And because it’s the Wiggle Room, you can rest assured that there will most likely be a burlesque act at some point.

In the end it’s a little difficult to fully describe the Weird Ass Game Show. All I can tell you is that in the middle of a December snowstorm, my friend and I not only enjoyed a few delicious cocktails, but we also experienced many, many heavy-duty belly laughs, and we met a couple of handsome dudes from Ireland who proved very entertaining (one we laughed with, the other we laughed at). Dan Derkson knows how to transform random craziness into utter hilarity, and in his white tux top and green boxer bottom how can you resist? The staff is fun and friendly, the atmosphere cozy, the entertainment goofy and weird. So why sit inside in front of the TV? Get out there and get yourself to the Wiggle Room for the Weird Ass Game Show, every Thursday, with Dan Derkson. You know you wanna.


The Weird Ass Game Show happens every Thursday starting again in January at 8pm at the Wiggle Room (3874 St. Laurent Blvd). $10