Sean Kent at The Comedy Nest – God is a Giant Purple Hippo

Sean Kent at Comedy Nest September 20 2014 by ComedyNest Sean Kent at Comedy Nest September 20 2014 by ComedyNest

“Welcome to the one and only comedy club in the whole AMC forum!” These were the words of Peter J. Radomski who welcomed the audience to the Sunday Sean Kent show at The Comedy Nest.

If you were looking for a place that has that feel of a NYC comedy bar, then you shall seek no further, Comedy Nest is the place to go! Once you pass those dark heavy curtains you find yourself in a different place. It is like walking into your closet and jumping into Narnia, or a more relevant example would be stepping into AMC Pepsi forum and ending up in a New York City style comedy bar on Broadway.

Peter Radomski by The Comedy Nest

Peter Radomski by The Comedy Nest

Bring cash and go easy on beer, or you might use a technique I call “pee a little bit and let it dry” (stolen from scrubs), or you could drink all you want and then superman it to the washroom, although even the host was so good that missing even a part of his intro is sad.

The headliner for the weekend was Sean Kent, mostly known for starring in A&E’s original prime-time reality series “Modern Dads” which gets over 4 million viewers on Wednesday nights, as well as being one of the very few to win both the San Francisco and Seattle International Comedy Competitions. He was the last one to appear on stage but not the first one to make the audience explode with laughter.

Ryan_Wilner by The Comedy Nest

Ryan Wilner by The Comedy Nest

Apart from Peter’s awesome hosting, the crowd saw Ryan Wilner, Jeff Schouela, and David Acer. Jeff Schouela spoke about getting older and lazier and lazier with years, the inevitable but funny truth.

What I learnt from Ryan is how to tell if your mother is Jewish. Here is how to know: if your mother annoys you so much you want to kill her, then she isn’t Jewish; if your mother annoys you so much you want to kill yourself, then it is safe to say she is.

Sean_Kent_by The Comedy Nest

Sean Kent by The Comedy Nest

David Acer just killed it. With David you never know what he will do next, whether it is collapsing right on stage in order to demonstrate how tourists from Ontario walk in the Old Port of Montreal without realizing road conditions and pot holes everywhere, or using his psychic abilities to tell your age just by knowing your name, date of birth and zodiac sign.

God is a huge purple hippo with a giant hippo breast

Finally Sean Kent, the reason the show was sold out, showed up on the stage last. Within a minute or so everyone knew about his drug abuse stories together with his religious beliefs. With Sean it was hard to keep up as every joke kept on getting better and better. Most memorable thing of the show was of course Sean’s interpretation of heaven and god.

He claims to be neither religious nor an atheist, so for Sean what happens when you go to heaven is that you see a huge purple hippo with giant hippo breast generating new souls which are then being guided by tiny cute penguins with wings and halos.

For more shows at The Comedy Nest (AMC forum, 2313 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, 3rd floor), $ 5 – $15, click HERE

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  1. Anonymous // October 2, 2014 at 11:27 am //

    Cool place and great show, all the comedians were really good and when Sean Kent came on stage it kept getting better and better!

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