The Comedy Nest Review: Helen Hong was here folks!

The Comedy Nest photo by Victoria Shinkaruk The Comedy Nest photo by Victoria Shinkaruk

If you have been to NYC comedy clubs and you like that feeling of enjoying your comedy with some food and beer then your destination is the Comedy Nest of Montreal. Once you step inside you are guaranteed to have an awesome night with some of the funniest people from across North America.

Our host for the night was Dan Bingham, a montrealer who gave up speaking French and moved to Toronto. As usual The Comedy Nest brings in the best comedians. This rule was once again proven by Dan’s performance.

His stories about performing in French and his lifelong struggle with femininity and masculinity of French words left the audience wanting to see more of his material, especially considering that in Montreal, we do like the bilingual jokes! From Just For Laughs and Fringe Fest to featuring in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, (yep you read it correctly!) to a number of other television appearances, Dan continues to do what he does best, and that is storytelling comedy stand up.

The headliner this night was Helen Hong, but before she took the stage, Peter Radomski took the stage. He has done Just For Laughs, is the MC of the Blue Light Burlesque and did an amazing job at hosting The Comedy Nest Shows (with Sean Kent). This Saturday Peter shared his frustration with how montrealers fail to understand how the subway system works.

So if you are visiting Montreal this will be useful for you and if you are a montrealer this will be the moment of truth: “do we not understand that when the train stops we have to let people out first?!” he had to wait for the audience to stop laughing to continue the show.

Next comic invited on stage was David Pryde, and his pride is being a father of two kids who are also a living proof of him fornicating twice (his words, not mine).

David is a winner of Just For Laughs Comedy Night competition, has his own special on CTV’s Comedy Now and makes regular appearances on The Debaters. David opened up to the audience about the beauty of being married, to be more specific he gave up on exercise and diet and just decided to let himself go.

Finally, Helen Hong, the headliner of the show appeared on stage with “hello bitches” which is awesome and totally unpredictable from a “little cute Asian girl” appearance. Helen is not only a comedian; she is also a TV personality, a dating coach, and the star of TV Guide Network’s “Count it Down” series and “Setup Squad”, a reality dating series.

This young lady from a very strict Korean family killed it on stage with her shockingly dirty minded stand up material and hilarious life stories. She shared her experience of being a single lady and having accounts on 5 different dating sites, technically all of the existing ones expect for the Jewish one because she is suspecting something might give it away (while pointing at her face).

Based on her experience with those she suggested for tinder (Facebook based dating site) to be called “can I fuck that” and she shared a real message that she received right before going on stage.

The show was just amazing with every comedian being unique and very witty. I suggest you go check out what is coming up next and our favourite nest!

Helen Hong was headlining at The Comedy Nest (2313 St Catherine St W, 3rd floor) on Saturday October 4 2014, $5 – $15. Check out more upcoming shows HERE