TO DO Today: Put on Some Red Lipstick for Red My Lips

lips lips

April is Sexual Assault Awareness month and to mark it, participate in the third Red My Lips campaign. I’ve already bought my stick of fire engine hotness and am smearing it all over my pucker today.

Let the colour of your lips speak for those who can't.

Red My Lips is a nonprofit organization that asks you to put on red lipstick as a way raise awareness about sexual violence, rape myth, and victim blaming. The red lipstick is intended as a form of solidarity and support for victims, and also for those who just want to shout NO at those who abuse others.

Much like the Slutwalk, the goal is to end victim-blaming. Wearing red lipstick is not an excuse for being the vicim of sexual violence anymore than short skirts, high heels, long hair, tattoos, or sexual preference. There is no circumstance in which sexual violence is acceptable.

To learn more about Red My lips, check out the website: You can also post pictures of yourself with red lips (or a variant) using the hashtag #redmylips.

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