28 Days on the Wagon for Jean Lapointe Foundation

18 longest days of your life 18 longest days of your life

Is it harder to say no than yes when it comes to taking on a multi-day challenge? The Jean Lapointe foundation has launched a 28-day challenge unlike any other. It’s not 28 days of power walking or 28 days of getting up at 5 a.m. to do yoga. Instead, it’s 28 days of sobriety. Appropriately nicknamed, “The Longest 28 Days of your Life Challenge,” this event has participants avoiding alcohol for the month of February. Perhaps even more unbelievable — this is the second time around!

The mission of the Jean Lapointe foundation is both to treat and prevent alcohol and drug addiction. The challenge isn’t just to experience an alcohol-free month, but to raise money for the foundation’s mission through funds raised by participants. At the minimum, participants are asked to give $1 each day of the challenge, for a total of (minimally) $28. The organization hopes to raise $100,000 which will be used for “My Independence Matters” program that raises awareness about the risks involved in drug and alcohol use  for 12-14 year-olds.

To join the challenge, participants “like” the Facebook page and promise a donation of $1 a day.  A facebook/mobile app is available to share the experience with others. A few people have already enlisted, including the mayor of Montreal. Prizes are available each week from Porter Air, Energie Cardio, and others. Also, Energie Cardio promises free access to its facilities to participants during the challenge. So, not only can you let your liver have a break, but you can work out too. Who said you wouldn’t fulfill your resolution in 2015 to get fit??? If the challenge sounds a little steep, you can always sponsor a friend as well.

The 28 day challenge starts February 1. 


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