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We love to try new things at Montreal Rampage. Why not renting space? Now Montreal Rampage has ad space available to rent and the lock-in is nothing like renting an apartment!

As far as we know, the ads don’t get blocked by ad blockers and we can even show .gifs if that’s your preference. We can make your ad link to a site of your choice.

We offer rentals for one week (7 days), two weeks (14 days), three weeks (21 days) and one month (30 days). Other terms are available. We like to be flexible.

The ads appear on our homepage and on our articles as well. The two slots available are:

Header banner (720 by 90 pixels)

Big Box (300 by 250 pixels)

If you’d like a advertorial (an ad that looks like an article, but will say so somewhere on the page) please get in touch.

If you are interested in renting ad space, contact editor in chief Rachel Levine at [email protected]. Ads are subject to editorial approval. Ad design may cost extra.

advertising in the leaderboard

advertising in the header and the big box.


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