A Mini Interview with Mariloup Wolfe

Mariloup Wolfe on the red carpet

Some of you might have read my article about the premiere of La Guerre des Tuques 3D held in Montreal on November 3rd. And if you have, you know that I had a nice time there enjoying the movie and photographing VIPs like Fred Pellerin. Another very awesome thing happened: I had a few minutes to speak with one of the voice actors, Mariloup Wolfe, right before she entered the theatre.

On the side of the red carpet, my camera around my neck, I look to see if my pictures are good. As I have everything I need, I decide to see if I can catch an interview or two on the area reserved for the press. I find a nice spot right near the entrance of La Place des Arts. Fred Pellerin is about to go inside, but I get a huge smile from him. Right behind, Mariloup is also smiling. As she passes by, I ask for a moment. Graciously she says yes, and comes to talk to me. She seems happy, full of energy, and very very nice.

I only have a minute to conduct the interview because the screening is about to start. That means choosing my questions well. So many things I want to ask – I mean, she has an impressive resume as an actress! But I decide to follow inspiration and see where it leads.

Mariloup Wolfe and Nicholas Savard L’Herbier at the Montreal premiere.

Mariloup Wolfe and Nicholas Savard L’Herbier at the Montreal premiere.

Jennifer Guillet (JG): Is the movie La Guerre des Tuques a childhood memory for you?
Mariloup Wolfe (MW): Oh my god yes. When the movie premiered [in 1984], I was 6 years old, so it’s totally my generation. I saw the movie lots of times, my brother did too, and it was an important movie in the family. I have so many memories attached to it. For example, as a child I loved playing outside. We constructed forts as well (not as big though) so you can say it inspired me in some ways. It’s a cool movie, attached to awesome memories.

JG: Considering it was such a big part of your childhood, how is it to be a part of it now?
MW: It is very flattering to be a part of it. It’s awesome to see this new version, and the animation is so beautiful, I could not believe it. I felt very lucky to play Sophie, but I was also kind of nervous. After all, she is one of the coolest characters in the movie, you don’t want to make mistakes. But she is so fun to play because she has all the cool lines. It was such a wonderful experience for me.

JG: And when it comes to acting what does it change? What was fun to do for you?
MW: I had to think a bit differently on this movie. I followed the director in his vision and it was tremendous fun. There is a lot of craziness going around: snow battles, fights, stuff like that. So you have to feel it. There has to be a sense of craziness floating around otherwise it’s not exactly right. A children’s world is light and fun: to portray that, I had to let go a little bit. I had to find my inner child. At the same time, it was very important for me to preserve the essence of this character. She is very strong, she has her own kind of energy and I really wanted to keep it. I needed her to be as close as the Sophie I grew up with – this was very important for me. It was an amazing experience.

And then we said goodbye, we smiled, she left. She seemed to float on the red carpet, full of joy, full of grace. It’s not something I will forget, you can be sure of that. And if you wonder how it is to speak with Mariloup Wolfe, let me tell you this: it’s like receiving a special gift at christmas. It’s fun, kind of magical, and it makes you smile!

La Guerre des Tuques 3D is now playing in theatres.