A Night of Non-Stop Laughs : Pinq Taco Comedy Night Launches

Laugh your asses off with comic Mike Rita and more...


June 21st marked the first ever comedy show at the Pinq Taco presented by Committed Comedy Productions. This hilarious laugh-out-loud show was all put together by Jacy Lafontaine (read our interview with her HERE) and Jason Yearow. The comedians that embraced the Pinq Taco’s stage for the first time were special guest host Joey Elias, Darren Henwood, Jacy Lafontaine and headliner Mike Rita.

The night started off with Montreal’s own comedian Veteran Joey Elias. Who did an awesome job of pumping up the crowd getting the energy flowing in between each performance. Jacy Lafontaine was the only female comic taking the stage whose set brought a raunchier and jovial approach to the night and had everyone laughing.


Scottish comedian and now Montreal resident Darren Henwood was down right hilarious with his jokes ranging from Montreal life, relationships and a few entertaining personal stories. He set the stage for Headliner Mike Rita,who is absolutely what you’ve probably heard he is if your familiar with the comedy circuit, hilarious, witty and incredibly relatable. His skit consisted of growing up Portuguese, his childhood in Toronto, and smoking weed… and so many others funny stories.

By the time the show was over, I really thought my sides were going to burst out the seams from all the uncontrollable laughter, I periodically glanced around the room and practically everyone was in smiles with tears in their eyes from all the constant laughing the night and comedians brought us.

Sadly, the Montreal comedy circuit has lost one if its main comedy stomping grounds. ComedyWorks, an establishment that has been part of the comedy world for more than 24 years closed its doors after hosting many  famous comedians like Louis C.K., Lewis Black, and Ray Romano.

Laughter really is the best medicine, so get out there and show some support to the comedians and comedy shows that are held at places like Pinq Taco and Comedy Nest here in Montreal.

Pinq Taco Comedy takes place every third Saturday of the month at Pinq Taco (3612 St. Laurent) $10 with reservations or $12 at the door, doors open at 8pm. The next show takes place July 19 and features Jacy Lafontaine, Jon Selig and Ali Hassan.