A Party Hard Monday Night is Twin Peaks’ Only Plan

Twin Peaks by Tyler Brooks Twin Peaks by Tyler Brooks

How low, or how high can you go on the rock and roll totem pole? That is the question. Come time, Twin Peaks shout out their “hayday” hits – a hayday (or is that more hey, day?) still ripe in the making.

Twin Peaks by Pooneh Ghana

Twin Peaks by Pooneh Ghana

The band consists of members Clay Frankel (guitar), Jack Dolan (bass), Connor Brodner (drums) and front man Cadien Lake James. “Front man” is a bit of a misnomer; their main prerogative to make the evening last for the audience as well as the band through an interconnected collection of songs.

The songs range from crotonic choruses in “Mirror of Time” and ‘Strange World”, to hookah pop songs like “Making Breakfast” and “Good Lovin”, their debut single “Flavor” from their sophomore LP, Wild Onion (released on August 5, 2014, on Grand Jury), “I Found A New Way”, and “Strawberry Smoothie”.

Compared to a “modern day” Nuggets, the group of 20-year-old rockers has gained success in their flavors of choice in the local Chicago scene, ever since James’ last project, Teenage Dream, a duo with his older brother.

With their debut LP in 2013 Sunken under their skinny belts, the band’s musical collaboration is guaranteed. Frankel and Dolan share the spotlight, and appear to show distain towards creating an act around an alter-ego. If there’s one thing Chicago has taught these young lads, it’s gratitude in a bustling living room with drinks all around. The band is center stage, but the host as well.

If bars don’t provide beer-bongs soon enough, Twin Peaks may just spark a desire for one at Casa Del Popolo on Monday, October 27 at 9:30 p.m.