Almost a Navy Seal. Andy Hendrickson Interview

ANdy Hendrickson Andy Hendrickson

US native comedian Andy Hendrickson, calls himself a ‘Navy Brat’. When asked what this meant he answers that he comes from a paternal line of Navy Seals. His grandfather and his father were in the Navy, and so are his brothers! Andy’s proper looks are probably linked to the fact that he was brought up with Navy-like discipline. He has lived in California, Hawaii, Virginia however has now been based in the big apple for more than 7 years.

Andy Hendrickson

Andy Hendrickson

Comedy has always been around Andy, through his family and his surroundings. However, it was later in his life, in 1998, that he took the initiative to take a comedy class and “got hooked to comedy.” Since Hendrickson always liked to make people laugh, the class he took only enriched his latent talent.

Now a veteran of the comedy field, Hendrickson has been performing for over 12 years. When asked who his biggest supporter is, without hesitation Andy says that it’s his mom. At first his family was a bit unsure about his decisions to enter the field fully, but they are now very proud of him and his accomplishments. Andy has been featured on radio, television and has even been on the Late Show with David Letterman. His comedy performances have been seen throughout the entire United States and Canada. Among the other countries he’s visited, there are Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq to perform for the troops as well as Ireland, Holland and England. When asked where the best audience was Hendrickson answers that the Canadians and Irish are especially more appreciative of the performing arts, however there are a lot of other great places and people too.

Andy’s material comes from everyday life and is mostly based on his daily life. He doesn’t want to lose perspective on what is actually funny. Andy says that great jokes come from lives that are unpretentious and fully lived. Hendrickson is more of a storyteller. He interacts a little bit with his crowd but his main style is mostly to tell good stories and make people laugh. He likes to establish a mood where people can feel as if they are hanging out with a buddy that is telling funny stories. There is some edginess to his material, however it is not too controversial. As long as his story telling is well-intentioned and funny, it’s all good to present it to the audience.

When asked if he is more laid back as a person due to his career in comedy, Hendrickson answers that the showbiz industry is one with a lot of insecurity and in general comedians are neurotic people. However, ultimately the comedian is the product and cannot be separated from the job.

Even though he’s been on television and radio, Andy’s ultimate love is standup comedy. However, he would love to have more exposure eventually and grow as a comedian. His hectic lifestyle, where travel is not leisurely, shows that this sweet and quirky personality is one to watch out for.

Andy Hendrickson headlines at The Comedy Works (1238 Bishop St.) on April 3 to 5. 8:30 p.m. Thurs-Sat, 10:30 p.m. Fri-Sat. 5$/7$/10$/15$.