Ant Man is Big Laughs

ant man ant man

The biggest movie opening movie for Fantasia about the smallest superhero!

A new hero of the Marvel franchise makes his way to the big screen and with it more laughs than ever before.

These days the superhero genre has turned from being brutally honest and a heroic done-right-bad-guy-beating into a sort of spoof and it’s okay. My girlfriend loves it. Having an overall appeal to all makes these movies work for the general public. And, when we are talking about Ant-Manm we can’t expect anything serious. I mean, even in the heart warming parts, our hero Scott Lang, played by Paul Rudd, makes us laugh.

We begin with a little detour to 1989 with a young-looking Michael Douglas hanging around with a few other important looking suits, one known as Tony Stark’s dad (played by John Slattery)! Let me just spoil it for you here, this is not the only line this movie crosses with the Avengers, but you already knew that from the trailer. Hank Pym, Douglas’ character, has created a red vial containing the “Red particle,”  something the Starks want. This sets up the back story before bringing us up to date with our cat burglar Scott.

Scott is in jail and this sets the right tone for our little anti-hero. As he is escorted out of jail we meet his crew, all of whom seem to be hanging around the whole movie in a very relaxed manner.  We have his best-friend and epic-story-telling-knuckle-head, Luis (Michael Pena), as well as  Dave (T.I.) and Kurt (David Dastmalchian). As life would have it, Scott is soon doing dirty jobs but one leads him to a turn of fate. Hank and Scott team up to take down Hank’s old company and save the world from a possible invasion of yellow ants. It’s serious business. Especially when we meet Darrel, Hank’s earlier student, showcasing Ant-man taking out military operations. By this, I mean soldiers are being beaten up and then we get an extreme 300% zoom-in to see a little dude flying about.

The movie is packed with great kicks, amazing CGI, and action scenes where our hero’s size makes a difference. I guess Hollywood thinks that size does matter after all and it becomes even clearer in the climatic battle where our hero faces off with more than one toy at his disposal. As mentioned earlier we visit the Avenger’s name and like all good movies we are left with more than one ending — two to be exact!

A lot more to come!
Ant Man is in theatres now.