AWOLNATION Releases Inspiring and Provocative RUN

AWOLNATION - Run Album Cover Artwork AWOLNATION - Run Album Cover Artwork

AWOLNATION, the electro-rock band known for producing alternative rock staples like Sail,, has gained respectable popularity since their breakout album Megalithic Symphony in 2010. After five long years the band has finally released their much-anticipated new album — and its growing following of progressive rockers are stoked. RUN was released on March 17 via Red Bull records, repping 14 insane tracks that demand to be heard. The impactful album boasts an insatiable blend of rock and modern electronic beats with complementary audio cuts. The mixture has celebratory vibes with soft and powerful sounds are emblematic of the grinding passion AWOLNATION has come to be associated with.

The band has a sound that approaches nostalgia and separates AWOLNATION from the mob of modern rock groups. The hopefully aggressive, while occasionally explicit, lyrics are reminiscent of music that meant something. The contradictions that float throughout the songs intentionally project spastic harmonization. A true testament to the creativity and flexibility of the band as the album easily flows from head banging jams to softer, sexier hits.

A precursor to the album, AWOLNATION produced a track for the controversial blockbuster 50 Shades of Grey. The song “I’m On Fire” is a slowed down seductive version of the full spirited sounds AWOLNATION reliably produces. Both sides can be heard in the new album, a perfect balance of mellow soul and insanity. The band’s range is reflected in the kicked up emotion obvious throughout the tunes. Feelings of dangerous love and raging hope are poetic undertones. Through a thundering message the group manages to encompass a whole spectrum of rocking sounds in its new album from disturbing blends like “Dreamer” to the warmest of melodies like “Fat Face.”


The four LA-based band members will continue their North American and European tour promoting the album, bringing them to Montreal’s Metropolis on June 23rd and spreading musical endorphins through sure-to-be hits from RUN. This album speaks to the message beyond the lyrics. It poses a question to followers of AWOLNATION, asking: what makes you run? A thoughtful attempt at sparking inspiration and motivation amongst their fans, the band hopes to hear personal stories of what keeps people going, what makes life bearable. The hashtag #whyiRUN has been lighting up their Instagram account @awolnation providing endless examples of personal success and positive growth. Particularly interesting stories are picked out to be displayed on the band’s website to highlight the inspirational tones flitting through the backbeat of the album.

The album totally delivers everything a fan could hope for in terms of aggressive motivation and quiet inspiration. True to AWOLNATION’s signature sounds, the impressively innovative RUN and its message are sure you keep you rocking out through spring.