Bebel Gilberto: the sounds of sunshine

Don't miss out on this chance to hear Brazilian musical royalty

With autumn just around the corner, Montrealers will find any and all ways to squeeze the last bit of summer out of September. And what better way to stock up on sunshine than by listening to the music of Brazil?

If you don’t already know Bebel Gilberto, you’ll likely know of her father, Joao Gilberto. Considered to be the “father of bossa nova,” Joao Gilberto collaborated with artists like Antonio Carlos Jobim, and American jazz musician Stan Getz, combining the rhythms of Brazilian samba and bossa nova with American jazz. Her mother, Miucha, was also a singer, and sister of the Chico Buarque. In other words, Bebel descends from Brazilian music royalty.

A four-time Grammy nominee, Bebel just released her most heartfelt and personal album, entitled Joao (her father died in 2019, her mother in 2018). With this album she performs the songs popularized by her father, including classics like Ela e Carioca and Desafinado, as well some lesser known tunes, like Waltz Bebel, which he wrote for his daughter.

Bebel’s pre-pandemic jazz fest concert was cancelled due to inclement weather in New York (her flight was cancelled). Covid once again delayed her visit to Montreal. If you didn’t manage to see her last summer, now is your chance to get your fill of musical sunshine before winter descends upon us.

Bebel Gilberto performs at the Rialto Theatre September 7 8pm. Tickets available at