Becky Lou Burlesque of the Decade Ending

Becky Lou in Miss Burlesque Final 2013. Photo Dominic Kieler. Becky Lou in Miss Burlesque Final 2013. Photo Dominic Kieler.

Becky Lou is an award-winning Australian burlesque sweetheart with an old-Hollywood beauty. And if those gorgeous curves and wide eyes don’t disarm you at first meeting, her charm certainly will.

I first wanted to know how Becky got into burlesque. After going through theatre school, she explained, she did a few auditions and pottered around the theatre scene, but what she really wanted was an opportunity for more independence. Rather than following a director’s instructions, Becky wanted to make her own skits and routines, and burlesque gave her a chance to do that.

Becky Lou. Freetoknee Photography.

Becky Lou. Freetoknee Photography.

So, what will this show be about? Shake is Becky’s first solo show, and it’s a collection of skits from her decade-long career, interspersed with personal stories. Creating a show that is sexy, funny and poignant is a balancing act, but Becky is up to the challenge, and has found sharing stories from her own life challenging, but therapeutic.

This is her first time in Canada, and she’s been really enjoying the opportunity to have a look around Montreal. Perhaps a little too much. “I was staring up at the trees and the rooftops, just so happy to be here, when I tripped on the curb,” she says. Her hurt knee is not going to hold her back, however; she’s popped a couple of painkillers and is right back onstage. The show must go on!

Montreal’s lighter Fringe schedule will also allow her to see some other Fringe shows, and she’s particularly looking forward to seeing fellow burlesque artist, Miss Sugarpuss, put on her last performance, Love and Pasties Miss S. A mutual friend put them in touch, and though they’ve been corresponding for a long time, they first got a chance to meet in person at the Fringe’s Talk Show Circuit. “It’s like we’re twins,” says Becky affectionately.

Apart from being two renowned and well-traveled performers, Becky and Miss S also have another thing in common; they are both on their way to leaving the burlesque scene. In fact, this may well be Becky Lou’s last burlesque show, for now at least. The scene has changed, explains Becky. A lot of the people who were in it when she started are moving on, and she feels it’s her time to move on as well. “I want my body back,” she says.

But not to worry; we’ll still be seeing Becky Lou around. She’s already tossing around ideas for her next show, which will be based much more on storytelling and personal experiences. “I’ve been silent for much of my life, and it’s time to speak. I want to find my voice,” says Becky.

Shake is at Petit Campus (57 Prince-Arthur E.). You can see the show 16 June 2016 19:30 – 20:20, 17 June 2016 21:45 – 22:35, and 19 June 2016 13:45 – 14:35. Tickets HERE.