Blood Glacier: A Little Gem from the Alps, thanks to Sinister Cinema

Blood Glacier Blood Glacier

This month Sinister Cinema presentation is the 2013 Austrian horror hit Blutgletscher. Advertised as a reminiscent of Carpenter’s The Thing, Blood Glacier (AKA The Station) relates the discovery of a strange red glacier up in the Alps by a group of scientists researching climate change. As a ministerial visit of the camp is imminent, the team soon realizes that the red ooze is having horrific effect on local wild life and the people in contact with it.

Not the most original premises, aren’t they? Definitely.

But if the movie bears some pretty pompous resemblances to John Carpenter’s isolated and claustrophobic classic chiller, it shares also qualities that goes far beyond the genre!

BLOOD GLACIER - 2014 FILM STILL - Gerhard Liebmann, Peter Knaack  - Photo Credit: Allegro Film / Harald Kienzl

BLOOD GLACIER – 2014 FILM STILL – Gerhard Liebmann, Peter Knaack – Photo Credit: Allegro Film / Harald Kienzl

Masterfully executed!

This second full-feature effort from director Marvin Kren, Blood Glacier is striking for its undeniable talent from both the cast and crew. To start off, Kren’s direction is simply perfect. Incredibly mature and showing a sharp sense of movie making, not only does he avoid all the common clichés of the genre, he also masterfully brings a simple horror flick to higher levels. Under his direction, nothing seems left behind. The photography, the music, the acting, everything is plain… perfect. And thanks to Moritz Schultheiß’s cinematography, the movie is a visual treat that serves the director’s vision just as well. Not to mention, the Alpine scene are truly grandiose. Marco Dreckkötter’ music is more subtle but adds a perfect touch to the mix, bringing a menacing shadow over the scientists’ discovery.

Marvin Kren and cast Bloodglacier.

An unlikely cast…

Helmed by Gerhard Liebmann, our unlikely hero, the entire cast delivers a first grade performance, a rare thing in this kind of feature. Winner of the best actor award at the Viennale film festival for his interpretation of Janek, the asocial maintenance technician of the mountain station, Liebmann is a real treat for the audience and surely an actor to watch. Add to that a strong supporting cast and no beefed-up teens trying to save day, and there is perfect chemistry throughout the film.

What else to say except that Blood Glacier, for a small Austrian horror flick, bears qualities that should easily secure it a spot among underground gems like Antonia Bird’s Ravenous. Blutgletscher is a movie that will not only please thrill seekers but also smile to a larger audience of movie lovers in general.

Oh, Sinister Cinema, Sinister Cinema…

Maybe some (late?) explanations are required here: What is Sinister Cinema?

Sinister Cinema is a collaborative effort between Front Row Centre Events and Raven Banner Entertainment. While Front Row Centre Events is responsible for Cineplex’s extracurricular, one night only cultural presentations, Raven Banner Entertainment is a distribution (plus production and sales) company specialized in genre films from around the globe. So what can possibly happen when Cineplex’s opera, stage play and documentary branch teams up with a horror, indie and b-movie importer? That’s it: Sinister Cinema! A one-night-only Canada-wide presentation of indie and underground horror flicks… and basically your only chance to catch them on the big screen. Need I say more? In some case, the Sinister crew manages to get special content, guest appearances and live Q&As with the director, making each month screening a must for any amateur of the genre.

Blood Glacier is a definitive Sinister Cinema rendez-vous, and a pretty good way to start following this monthly event!

Blutgletscher or Blood Glacier (aka The Station) is a one night only event on June 19th at 7:30 PM in a Cineplex near you.