Catch your breath for Destins Croisés’ piece Lien(s)

Lien(s) Lien(s)

Ismaël Mouarki’s new piece “Lien(s)” for Destin Croisés company presented by Agora de la Danse suggests that not only is dance an art form, but it can be sport as well. During the piece, the dancers move around quickly: transferring their weight from their hands to their feet, contorting their bodies in complicated ways, and lifting each other in elaborate stunts. At times, they danced so rapidly that I barely had a chance to process the movements and catch my breath!

The five dancers who interpreted the piece (Joe Danny Aurélien, Geneviève Boulet, Jossua Collin, Felix Cossette and Geneviève Gagné) all have different background – some more contemporary and others more urban – but their styles came together in unison. At times, the piece felt contemporary with weight transfers and partnering work, but at other times the dancers were popping and locking (I don’t break dance so sorry if these are the incorrect terms!) and doing head stands on the floor.



Besides the incredible physical condition required by the dancers, the lighting and special illuminated floor designs were particularly striking. The dancers moved in delimited geometrical forms that lit up rhythmically according to the different sections of the piece. This special touch made the dance extremely effective because not only were the dancers in continuous movement but the dance floor was constantly being rearranged by the shifting illuminated sections.

It was impossible to let your thoughts drift during “Lien(s),” Ismaël Mouarki manages to grab your attention right from the first second of the piece and leaves you wanting more.
This piece will not only please dance lovers but will also thrill regular audience members!

Lien(s) will be presented two more this week on February 4-5 at 8 p.m. at l’Agora de la Danse (840 Rue Cherrier). $28/20. Tickets HERE.