CBC ComedyCoup: It’s happening! DéPFLIES are in the top five!


All of you,who voted for our Montreal born pride, DéPFLIES, I salute you! You’ve made it possible! DéPFLIES are now among the top five finalists and are preparing to make Canada laugh at the Whistler Film Festival. What they have to do now is give their absolute 100 and ten percent when they pitch the show to a panel of industry professionals and live audience and all we can do at this point is support them.

DÉPFLIES video 6

DÉPFLIES video 6

This is the final step in this process so the winner of the $500,000 production budget for a half hour pilot on the CBC Fall 2015 prime-time schedule will be announced very soon.

DÉPFLIES Behind the scenes week 6 -by Pierre-Luc Boucher

DÉPFLIES Behind the scenes week 6 – by Pierre-Luc Boucher

You can catch up with what’s been happening with DéPFLIES HERE. Check out their teaser videos, which are pretty cool. You’ll see very distinctive characters and a clear representation of Montreal’s culture. It’s fun to watch and recognize the style of St-Henri and all of the subcultures we have here. From airheads to hipsters to just weird dudes. Just as you would see in any other family owned “dep” in Montreal, they see a lot of funny, weird, and interesting all day, every day. You can see what I’m talking about HERE

Rob Quinn showing the ultimate dolly shot to the DÉPFLIES crew

Rob Quinn showing the ultimate dolly shot to the DÉPFLIES crew

We spoke to Alain Mercieca (writer and creator of DéPFLIES) at the first stages of this contest and now we had to ask the guys how they feel about this whole thing. Here is what Alain told us:

Victoria Shinkaruk (VS): How does it feel to be in the top five, so close yet so far from the victory? Any fears? Excitement?
Alain Merciera (AM): Well it feels great to be in the Final Five but of course we are still working hard to make it to #1, so there is still some nervousness slash excitement. Though in general we are all overjoyed to be where we are. The team has grown, we’ve all worked incredibly hard on the project and I believe it should get made no matter what.

VS: Now that you look back at when you just submitted the project did you think you will go that far? (expectations vs reality)
AM: My expectations were definitely blown away when we received such strong public’s support of DéPFLIES. I was content with getting our voice out there to a wider audience but this feels like an unexpected, but awesome reality.


VS: How’s the mood?

AM: The team is super pumped! Last Monday when we found out we had made it to the top five it was a massive celebration, with more whiskey than I have ever seen in my life (that’s not true, I’ve seen more, and sure I will see more in Whistler, that’s why it’s called “whiskey” The “whi”… right?) So the mood is awesometimes goodtimes.

DÉPFLIES CBC - making of-9

DÉPFLIES CBC – making of-9

Now we’ll just cross our fingers, continue to support them via social media and watch their videos HERE