Club Soubois: A Trip down the Rabbit Hole for Halloween

soubois halloween soubois halloween

Every year for Halloween, I do the same thing you do. I look up parties, clubs, and activities to find the perfect evening for me and my friends. This year, I found out that an awsome Halloween event was to be held at Club Soubois : “Down the Rabbit Hole.” The name made me curious and I wanted to know more about the event. I discovered that this club/restaurant would transform its decoration to fit the Alice in Wonderland theme for Halloween. I thought the idea was pretty awesome and I wanted to know more.
I read somewhere that they were going to have a huge tree outside in order to make us feel like we actually entered the rabbit hole. I read about actors in costumes, the Queen of Hearts, and crazy inside decorations. Even if I am not especially a fan of Alice in Wonderland, I felt that it was an incredible idea and that it was the place to be. I decided to check it out for Rampage.
First of all, the place was packed with people ! So many had heard about the event; it was crazy outside. Tickets were sold out and everyone waited eagerly to take a peek at the inside world. It made me even more impatient to get in there.
I loved the descent into the Club. There was so much excitement in the air. We could hear music coming from the Club, and I was eager to give my coat to the hostess and finally discover the decor for the night.

When I arrived, the first thing I saw was this huge tree, with flowers everywhere. It was exactly like in the animated version of Alice in Wonderland. Red flowers and beauty were all around. The costumes were also amazing and I was happy to see the Queen of Hearts. Her costume was very well done and the other costumes I saw were great. My colleague and I agreed that the decoration was breathtaking. I honestly regret not taking pictures of it. It was very well done.
It was hard to walk inside because there were so many people, but I still managed to see a few awesome and funny things. For example, when you arrived, you walked near something that looked like book shelves. But in fact they were not; it was a hidden door. If you go to Soubois, check it out. It’s awesome ! I never expected it inside a club ! I discovered that you have another door just like that behind the bar. This one opens to another room with another bar. It felt kind of magical. Try to check this out too if you go. It is worth the surprise. The Club also had a great DJ for the night, Thomas H.

Normally, Club Soubois is very busy, but you can go a little earlier and avoid the crowd. Everyone is very nice and polite, so that is also a plus. I love the fact that the hidden room is calmer than the other one. There was no music in it, so if you prefer to talk in front of a drink, you could head there after dancing a bit. The only thing I find a little bit disappointing is that there is only a small space on which to dance. The restaurant takes up most of the room, but you can still dance.

Here is my advice for next Halloween: Go, but get your tickets in advance. I am sure the event will be grand, and the design pretty awesome inside. If you want a quiet meal, eat first, and then go dance all night long. The DJ, the costumes, nothing will disappoint you. And, if you are a dancer that needs more room, start here and then go to another club afterwards and get crazy.

This is all for my Halloween reporting, but I would also advise you to check out SOS Labyrinthe in Le Vieux Port in Montreal. They have a special event for Halloween that I could not make this year but will next year for sure! And mazes are always good fun for Halloween.

Club Soubois is at 1106 de Maisonneuve W.