Comedy Review: Bad Boy Jim Takes Shots at American Gun Lovers

Jim Jefferies’ show at Just for Laughs was as good as he said it was going to be. Although he did not sing a little opera at the Maison Symphonique of Montreal as he promised in his interview, he did give everyone a permanent smile. The show of 2014 is brand new and if you know all of his material by heart, there is something new for you to watch and recite to your friends.

Known for an on stage assault after talking about gun control in America, Jefferies addresses controversial and uncomfortable topics most comedians avoid with the sole purpose of making you think.

If you are familiar with Jefferies, you would know what to expect from the new show. If you are not familiar with him just yet, Jim Jefferies himself suggests watching a couple of his videos before purchasing tickets.

This show was full of backstage Hollywood stories with some juicy details, Jefferies’ experience of being a proud father of a little boy but not the traditional things a father would say though. A large part of the show, which usually makes some Americans walk out according to Jefferies, was about gun control. “So we were allowed to own guns in Australia, until in 1996 a gunman killed 35 and injured 18 in Port Arthur. After that guns in Australia were banned. No other similar incidents since then. I don’t know, a coincidence? I don’t know,” says Jefferies sarcastically referring to the American people defending their right on guns.

“When I talk about this in America a lot of people walk out, I say it’s because I am making some good points,” says Jefferies in his Just For Laughs Show in Montreal.

Religion is another favorite topic of his and in this show he did not shy away from it. Jefferies was especially happy to talk about the recent Hollywood movie, Noah, in which rock monsters appeared. “I wonder how Christians watched this movie,” he says. “Probably sitting there wondering: is this… is this how it happened? Going home after the movie reading the Bible inside out, trying to find a reference to the rock monsters.”

Jim Jefferies is one of those comedians that you just got to see in person perform. His new material can be described as a satirical rollercoaster as there are times of more serious discussions which are followed by some kinky Hollywood party stories, funny incidents form his life some edgy topics that will make you laugh until it hurts but if you are up for some nerve testing walking on the edge satirical and black comedy, Jefferies is definitely your guy! So don’t miss out on an opportunity to see him live! It is totally worth it!

If you want to learn a little more about him check out his interview with Montreal Rampage here.

Jim Jefferies appeared as part of Just for Laughs in Montreal.