Comedy Review: Open Michelle at the Comedy Nest

Open Michelle - Comedy Nest - Victoria Shinkaruk Open Michelle - Comedy Nest - Photo by Victoria Shinkaruk

I would like to address this article to all of you who say that women can’t be funny because Open Michelle is straight up in your face hilarious. Sarcasm and wit in combination with topics such as sexism, culture, everyday life and gender interaction discussions reigned over the room from the very beginning of the show until the very end.

At Open Michelle you’re sure to see some for the funniest women like Emma Wilkie,  Ariel Sherker, who may have accidentally hypnotized the public, Miss Kalliope, straight from Greece (the country), Pam Wener, Clare Belford and beautiful Tranna Wintour , each unique and hilarious. And for the first time ever, to restore gender equality on Open Michelle, the biggest feminist of all times (according to Emma) Mike Carozza, joined the ladies for the 8th edition! Hilarious as usual!

If you’re looking for a fun Sunday night plan, Open Michelle is your destination.

Open Michelle Comedy Nest 2015 - Victoria Shinkaruk

Open Michelle Comedy Nest 2015 – Victoria Shinkaruk

Not to spoil anything for the Open Michelle virgins, I’ll only tell you that I now know, thanks to Miss Kalliope, that you should never go to bed angry! Instead you stay up and fight! I also think that Ariel Sherker, may have accidentally hypnotized the audience in the process (she swore she didn’t though), because, guess what, she is also a hypnosis professional! And Natalie Willett, the co-producer of the show together with Peter J. Radomski, shed some light on past midnight texting and its profound meaning. I won’t quote everyone, but don’t miss the next one.

Open Michelle took place at the Comedy Nest (2313 Rue Ste-Catherine O) on Sunday (a monthly show), September 20th @ 8:00 pm. The next show is October 26 at 8 p.m. and features Anne-Marie Dupras, Bianca Yates, Kristen Finch, and Emma Wen. Tickets $8 regular, $5 for students. More info HERE