Commonwealth Laughter at Brit-Ish During Just For Laughs

noel fielding from his facebook page noel fielding from his facebook page

There are some hilarious acts happening as a part of Just For Laughs, and Brit-ish is an amazing compilation of different acts from the UK. The show was packed and very entertaining for everyone, especially the people in the front row who got heckled by the various comedians. Brit-ish was hosted by a blonde Noel Fielding who kept the audience mostly laughing during the pauses in the program. With some hilarious impressions of Torontonians and a detailed story about a jellyfish experience, he was a great host.

Phil Wang was the first comedian of the night, and he used his half-Chinese heritage to make some ingenious jokes. He pointed out that there are really only two Chinese characters in Hollywood films, and he is the weaker of the two. Wang attempted to make some jokes about how his Chinese father only wanted him to become a Doctor but unfortunately his father is very supportive. He ended with some impressions such as “bulimic t-rex” and “arrogant starfish” which were cute and mostly funny.

Alex Horne was the next comedian, for someone with only three jokes he did a pretty good job. With some tricks of the ears, he did some miming and it was hard to tell when it was him talking and when it was his audio recording.

My favourite stand-up of the night was Gina Yashere. She made some hilarious remarks about American culture, especially as a black British woman living in Los Angeles. Yashere revealed that her accent let her get away with a lot more and seemed to confuse police officers.

The second half of the program held a two different types of acts. First up was Cardinal Burns, a pair of men who did a few short sketches on stage. One of the sketches involved an energy drink, rapidly changing emotions, and two homoerotic hawks. Needless to say the pair were quite entertaining and even threw in a section in (very poor) French.

Finally, the amazing duo that is Abandoman took to the stage. As one of Ireland’s best “hip hop” groups they had an impressive set. Both of the rap songs they sang were created on the spot either from items held in the air by audience members or information gathered from a guy in the back of the crowd. Not only were the raps seamless, they were hilarious.

This show would definitely attract anyone who enjoys British humor. The night was a lot of fun and many laughs were had. It was interesting and filled with lovely accents that I wish I heard more in my daily life.