Confessions of a Journalist: An Interview with Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci in Ville-Marie Monica Bellucci in Ville-Marie

I have to confess something to you: I interviewed Monica Bellucci on September 30th. Yes I know, it’s crazy right? But maybe if I explain myself further, you can understand the situation a little better. What do you think? I hope you will agree to read me out.

Monica Bellucci in Ville Marie

Monica Bellucci in Ville Marie

First of all, I have to state that I conducted the interview on a very special occasion: the premiere of Guy Édoin’s new movie Ville-Marie. The cast and crew were present to celebrate and it was a perfect occasion for me to meet, greet, and interview some of these awesome people. I was lucky enough to interview the directorGuy Édoin and his lead actress, Monica Bellucci.

If I close my eyes I can still see the journalists on the side of the red carpet, I can feel the electricity in the air, I can remember how nervous I was. And when the crowd of photographers finally parted, I remember the moment as if it were in slow motion. Photographers taking pictures, flashes exploding in the air, and Monica Bellucci walking with an infinite grace toward the entrance of the Imperial. I remember agitation and noise, and her smile when she posed for the pictures.

It is always a great thing to be able to interview an artist about their work, but when it is someone who has such a great career, it becomes an honour  – and the honour was mine that night!

When I was told that she was ready for us (me and my colleague and friend, who captured the night with her camera), I felt a rush of adrenaline coming through my veins. Yes, I admit, I was nervous. With my I phone in the air, the camera ready to roll, it was time to ask my questions. And since you have been nice enough not to judge me too much and follow me in this confession, this is my turn to give back. So this is, for your eyes only, what Monica Bellucci and I talked about:

Jennifer Guillet (JG): I read somewhere that the script of Ville-Marie touched you particularly. What attracted you to the story? Why did you wanted to do that movie?

Monica Bellucci (MB): The script attracted me. I loved the script of the movie. I also think that Guy Édoin has a lot of talent so I wanted to do this. I read and I said yes immediately.


JG: Are there any themes that you mean something to you, situations that are close to your heart in this movie?

MB: What I loved about it was the different colours in it. This role made it possible for me to go into a range of emotions. If I could do my work like that, it is also because I was surrounded by the right people. The cast was amazing and so was the director. He is very talented.


JG: I am always interested by actors at work, so I was wondering what kind of actress you are. How do you prepare for a role, do you do lots of research or do you go more with your instincts?

MB: There is a part of my work that is more based on every day life, more rational. And then, there is this other part, where it is more about intuition. This is actually the most interesting part. It happens right before the camera starts to roll, the moment where something comes out of you that you have no control over. It is a little magical, even to the actress herself.


JG: Could you tell me what will be your best memory from the shoot? What moment are you taking with you from those months on the set of Ville-Marie?

MB: Lots of humanity, and a beautiful team spirit. Most of all always remember that when you work on a movie everyone needs everyone.

And there it was done. Everything gone in an instant. With me the image of this incredibly beautiful woman, whose intelligence I felt under her words and whose kindness I will remember always. I still hear the Italian accent floating in the air of the Imperial and her intense gaze while she answered my questions. I could not thank her enough for answering them with such generosity. In that moment, I could meet the woman behind the actress, the human behind the myth, the heart behind the smile.

So this is my confession: I interviewed Monica Bellucci on September the 30th, and I enjoyed myself tremendously.

Ville-Marie, directed by Guy Édoin, premiered in Montreal on September 30th and is now playing in theatres.