Dalemhaust! Or It’s My Choice! : Lina Fouro Tells The World with Debut Album

Lina Fourno Lina Fourno

Lina Fouro tells the world with her new debut album “The Love Cycle”

Delemhaust is the last song in the album and a statement from Lina Fouro, a young and very talented singer and song writer from Toronto. The translation is simple. It means “the choice is up to me” in Farsi. Despite everyone’s suggestion of pursuing a more secure career path, this young starlet said “no” to the cultural pressure and followed her heart. Over a short period of time, with lots of hard work and dedication, she is now releasing her debut album The Love Cycle.

lina fourno

If you cannot recall the name yet, you may have heard this catchy beat: “It beats for you… when my heart goes Boom Boom Boom Boom”, because it is playing on Virgin Radio and other popular radio stations.

…her album is an inevitable progression of emotion

Lina creates her songs from scratch. She writes the melody, she spices it up with a beat, and then she sings. Her music is as versatile and multi-cultured as Lina herself. After shooting a couple of videos, a video commercial and a busy concert schedule, Lina is now working on finalizing her debut album, The Love Cycle. Apart from Googoosh (a Persian singer and actress) and Michael Jackson inspiring Lina with her music, Lonnie Szola, Juno Award winning producer, helped her do what she loves and share it with her fans. The Love Cycle is a conceptual album leading the listener through a cycle of love and life. As in Kubler Ross’s stages of grief theory her album is an inevitable progression of emotion.

Lina Fouro

Lina Fouro

Prior to Lina’s career in music, she studied criminology. A step from criminology to music is a big change; however Lina does not see it this way: “I chose a career in criminology because I wanted my work to matter, to be able to make a difference and help those in need,” she said in an interview. Music is not only her passion; it is also a way to reach out to more people and that is why she chose making music over criminology.

As a very versatile artist, Lina succeeded in combining melodic electronic and house music styles with some hip hop and folklore mixes. To get a better feeling of what the first half of the album sounds like you could listen to her single “Boom.”


The second part of the album, especially towards the end, is experimentation with new styles and so far, all of the pre-release reviews are very positive. For those of you who like the top-40 songs on the radio, this album will definitely be a great purchase. The Love Cycle appears on iTunes in the fall of 2014. Around the same time Lina Fouro’s first album will join other artists on the shelves of music stores.

Lina Fouro’s album The Love Cycle is out in September.