Day Two at Osheaga

Osheaga Sign. Photo Rachel Levine Osheaga Sign. Photo Rachel Levine
Vladimir Cuachemar. Photo Rachel Levine
Vladimir Cuachemar. Photo Rachel Levine
Two Feet. Osheaga. Photo Rachel Levine
Two Feet. Osheaga. Photo Rachel Levine

Two Feet

So psyched that he played this year. Zachary William “Bill” Dess, aka Two Feet, was supposed to play last year, but he ended up hospitalized (a story he recounted to the audience), and was invited back as soon as he was out. Two Feet may not be on everyone’s radar, but he should be with his deep, grooving guitar with big beats. Among the songs recognizable — Love is a Bitch, I feel Like I’m Drowning, and Go Fuck Yourself. The audience present were so in love with him.

Said the Sky. Osheaga. Photo Rachel Levine

Said The Sky

Only saw the tail of this because of Two Feet. But, as someone who always gravitates gleefully back to the EDM zone, Said the Sky was on the scene with their futuristic drum pad-piano set up. Lots of lights and visuals are just part of the emotional punch the band gives with its lovable set.

Dancing at the EDM zone. Osheaga. Photo Rachel Levine.
FKJ. Osheaga. Photo Rachel Levine

FKJ (French Kiwi Juice)

One man. Many instruments. A rack of guitars that would make a rock band swoon with envy. Two sets of keys. Saxophone. With a looper and combining his own vocals with some pre-recorded ones, FKJ stuns, simply stuns, by turning one man into some addictive cool music. It’s the sort of stuff that you put on your Electronic chill, vibing out, jazzy vibes, or chill hop playlist again and again and again. What I love most about FKJ are how passionate he seems to be as he plays, feeling his own music out through his expressive face. I was so happy to catch FKJ and see who made the magic behind music that could be a soundtrack to summer.

Sofi Tukker. Osheaga. Photo Rachel Levine.

Sofi Tukker

Love to dance? Love to have the time of your life? Well, Sophie of Sofi Tukker told us that she’d just been set free after two months with a broken foot and jumped into the audience for a proper crowd surf. Singing in English and sometimes Portuguese, you know they’re While being super cute, they are energy octane 11 on a count of 10. Woot! Songs to catch: Swing, Batshit Crazy, and of course Best Friend.

City and Color

I took it easy while these guys floated on to the big stage. They’re kind of a supergroup of sorts.

The Chemical Brothers

Um… the Britpop-electronic dance scene of the late 80s and 90s is like my nostalgic happy place. So like Blur, Paul Oakenfeld, The Prodigy, and definitely the Chemical Brothers are swoony sorts of things. Seems like little has changed for this dance duo since the early days. The Osheaga crowd was bouncing madness. What I could see (screens excepted) was just the show of lights behind, but damn it’s so good that they still got it.

Fashionable Osheaga

What struck me most about Osheaga? FASHION! And at Osheaga, less is more. Most notably on women — a bathing suit style bottom with either fishnet stockings, see-through pants, or nothing else. Another trend — having your hair in two tiny buns at the top of your head in an anime cute way. Lots of people went round in sporty clothes or went matchy matchy with their friends. Glitter is a thing. Temporary tattoos are too. For men — socks with bold prints that have little to do with anything else on. Colorful printed button down shirts — sort of Hawaiian, but not really. There were fewer beards and more headbands and sun visors. Sneakers won out for footwear, though for everyone. Good bye flip flops!

Osheaga Matching fashion. Photo Rachel Levine.
Matching outfits at Osheaga. Photo Rachel Levine.
Matching Outfits at Osheaga. Photo Rachel Levine.
Temporary Tattoos. Osheaga. Photo Rachel Levine.
Button down shirts. Beach floats. Osheaga. Photo Rachel Levine.
West coasty. Osheaga. Photo Rachel Levine.
Glitter. Hair buns. Less pants is more. Osheaga. Photo Rachel Levine
Pose with the girls from Brazzers. Osheaga. Photo Rachel Levine.
Osheaga fashion. Photo Rachel Levine.
Osheaga superhero fashion. Photo Rachel Levine.
Osheaga Fashion. Photo Rachel Levine.
Osheaga Fashion. Photo Rachel Levine
Osheaga Fashion. Photo Rachel Levine.

Osheaga took place from August 2-4 at Parc Jean Drapeau. See you next year! Next year, the festival takes place July 31 to August 2. Details HERE.

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