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aerial performance Dirty Laundry.

It’s no secret that the Briefs Factory troupe knows how to turn the dial to extra rinse. This Australian troupe combines comedy, circus acts, drag, and boylesque into a cabaret that is worth saving your quarters up for. Themed around the laundromat, the eight performers of Dirty Laundry offer a steamy show with plenty of opportunities to air their talents, among other parts of their anatomy. If you come solo, you may go home and need a cold shower… or a hot one.

What makes any drag show work is the personality of its performers. Even with almost no words spoken at all, the performers capture a range from the sensitive romantic to the fearless high-turbo superhero to silly ditz. Each one is notably different yet still embodies sex-confidence. Co-host, Fez Faanana aka Shivanana, comes with just enough playful snark to bounce off smooth and charismatic co-host Barbada. Barbada is legend in Quebec for hosting a kids show on Tou.TV and puts some of their skills into the mix by telling a fairy tale.

Like any drag or burlesque style show, the audience’s enthusiasm and appreciation is a must. Come prepared to cheer, whistle, clap, share your own secrets, and gush appreciation. The performers deliver in kind, bursting with energy and love. On the small stage, the performers fit big-feeling numbers using familiar circus apparatus (hoops, aerial loops) and tumbling. There are a few non-verbal comedic numbers as well. It’s hard to choose the most memorable and its something of a three-way tie between the flamboyant Fab Daddy boylesque, the comedic couple with a set of balloons, and the final circus act with its unique use of saran wrap.

All in all, Dirty Laundry’s risqué show combines talent and adult humour. It’s a fun night that makes doing the laundry your favorite chore.

Dirty Laundry is part of Montréal Complètement Ciruqe and runs until July 14 at Espace St Denis. Tickets HERE.

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