Eat It All at the Omnivore World Tour

Dessert table. Omnivore. Photo Nicole Yeba. Dessert table. Omnivore Festival 2015. Photo Nicole Yeba.

The fifth edition of Omnivore Montreal was revealed at a cocktail launch. It will be titled “Omnivore Montreal, 5 years in love” and has major changes from last year’s festival.

First, the dates will change and instead of being held in mid-August, the festival will be held from September 16 to 19. Luc Dubanchet, founder of Omnivore, wants to attract more people by organizing the event after the back-to-school madness.

The same events will be hold with culinary demos, Maudits Soupers, Extra Soupers and the Omnivorious Party. A new scene known as “Scène Sourceurs” will show demos from taking ingredients from the source and how to use them while cooking. Artisans, farmers, producers, winemakers and brewers will present their work and products. This scene will be on the ground floor of the SAT with the chefs and pastry chefs’ scene.

Amuse-bouche. Omnivore. PHoto Nicole Yeba.

Amuse-bouche. Omnivore. PHoto Nicole Yeba.

To celebrate five years of the festival in the city, Omnivore will make the access to the culinary demos and “Scène Sourceurs” free through a ticketing system. The general public has to pre-register to obtain a pass to be able to access. There will be 2,000 spots open to professionals and amateurs of cuisine. Access to the Maudits Soupers, Extra Soupers and the Omnivorious Party will remain paid events.

“It’s an exchange of knowledge and sharing,” says Luc who wants Omnivore to remain a festival and not a fair.

Omnivore Montreal will welcome chefs from around the world and three names were mentioned: Pedro de Artagão from Iraja & Formidable of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Daniel Eddy from Rebelle of New York, United States; and Guillaume Foucault from Pertica of Vendôme, France. There will of course be chefs from the city, as Omnivore’s goal is to find and present new talent.

Omnivore World Tour is present in other cities such as Paris, London, Moscow, Shangai and Istanbul.

Omnivore World Tour takes place September 16 to 19. For details, keep an eye out HERE.