Ezkapaz: Escape From The Main

NY group. Ezkapaz. NY group. Ezkapaz.

Do you think your friends and you can complete a challenge in a themed room in an hour without receiving single a clue? If yes, go to Ezkapaz! So far, the best teams have completed the challenges with the help of only one clue. There are three different rooms: The Globe-Trotting Photographer, The Silver Dawn Society and POP! The games can be played with 2 to 8 players and must be completed within 60 minutes. A new room will be added in the beginning of 2016.

“In today’s digital age, we have an unconscious will of going out with friends and doing things,” says Thomas Subtil, Marketing and Communications Manager of Ezkapaz. He believes it is important to respond to that need and live escape games are one of the ways. Your nose isn’t stuck to your mobile device. You get to use and stimulate your brain, not rely on google for once. Something we tend to forget in this age.

EZKAPAZ entrance

EZKAPAZ entrance

The most popular game is The Silver Dawn Society followed by The Globe-Trotting Photographer and lastly POP! The pop room is recent and is harder due to a larger number of puzzles to solve. You can be a maximum of 8 people in the room.

The success rate of the games is approximately 30%. “We adapt the clues to people’s capacity of solving puzzles,” says Thomas about the games being neither too easy nor too difficult. The idea is for everyone to have fun.

Ezkapaz offers team building for companies with the idea of developing the personal resources of everyone. You can work on your team spirit, problem resolution and decision making. A follow-through can also be made with the companies.

Societe aube argente EZKAPAZ

Societe aube argente EZKAPAZ

With a group of five people, whom I knew would help me complete the challenge. We were put in The Globe-Trotting Photographer room. Marilla, Alexandre, Jeansil, Sean, Andrew and I were a group of thieves from the 1940s who were hired by a private collector to recuperate a diamond left in a world-renowned photographer’s office who mysteriously vanished. We have 60 minutes to find the diamond before the authorities arrive. At first, we weren’t worried but as time passed by and we had still many things to uncover, panic and stress started setting in. We got a few clues that put us back on track and eventually found the diamond on time. Of course, I was the person who grabbed and held it proudly. I definitely recommend Ezkapaz to anyone who wants to challenge their mind whether you’re with your friends or your coworkers. It’s an amusing way to spend time with your friends without being plugged to your electronic gadgets.

Ezkapaz is located at 3995 St. Laurent and can accommodate between two and six people per game. For more information click HERE. $20 students/$24 all else.

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