Fantasia Closes The Festival With Psychological Thriller Killers

Fantasia closed Wednesday night with a killer of a movie (pun intended), Killers. The film is the newest thriller brought to us by The Mo Brothers, best known for their films, The Forbidden Door and The Raid: Redemption. Killers was an official selection of Sundance Film Festival 2014 and has been circulating many international film festivals most recently, Fantasia.


To give you a little taste of what creative minds The Mo Brothers developed, Killers takes place on two opposite sides of the world. In Tokyo, we meet Nomura played by (Kazuki Kitamura) a Japanese businessman turned sociopath, who after losing his sister at a young age and suffering from the trauma he experienced as a teen, begins murdering women and posting his violent crimes on-line which soon goes viral. In Jakarta, we meet Bayu, played by Oka Antara, a journalist and family man who turns into a vicious vigilante due to his failed career because of his obsession with a case of a corrupted politician gone wrong, and he too soon uploads his murdering spree for the world to see. Suddenly, Nomura and Bayu are connected via internet. Something ignites in Nomura upon seeing Bayu’s video and he responds quickly to the journalists enticing video. It’s not too long after that the psychological, and psychotic bond between them grows and becomes very complex and complicated. Nomura decides to go and meet Bayu face to face… Let the battle begin.


Before seeing Killers, I watched the trailer and thought oh, this is going to be an awesome, blood-drenched killer thriller, but to my surprise it had many comedic scenes; the audience was laughing at some really malevolent parts of the movie. However; the humor is blended extremely well with all of it’s violently raw kill scenes and psychological imagery.

This film is a not so ordinary game of cat and mouse, filled with deranged glimpses in the mind of a serial killer that will keep you entertained until the closing credits.


Killers is a psychological-thrill ride with no shortage of blood, gore, creative kills and unforeseen laughter”-Debra Heather

Killers had it’s Canadian premiere at Fantasia on August 6th at 21:35 at Theatre Hall Concordia.