Film Review: Fantasia Serves Up a Plate of Cold Feet

The audience was in for a treat the other night while going to see horror comedy, Bag Boy Lover Boy. Before the feature film started Canadian director/writer Daniel D’Alimonte stood up and introduced his short film Cold Feet to the audience.


The film starts off with the camera running alongside a wall featuring pictures in black and white of various men, which immediately peaks your curiosity. When I first saw the title, Cold Feet I instantly had visions of a future “bride or groom” having cold feet the day of their wedding, which between you and me has nothing to do with the plot of this short film at all! It’s more like Goodfellas meets Sweeney Todd and revolves around Andy (Kristopher Turner) a deli worker trying to make a name for himself and  his boss, Herman (Alan C. Peterson). Andy is asked to chop up a corpse for his boss but can’t seem to hack it “ no pun intended.” As time passes, the corpse surprisingly awakens, and Andy soon realizes his boss is a bit squeamish when it comes to doing the dirty work himself and takes matters in his own hands and finishes off the job himself, proving to Herman that he has what it takes to make it in the mafia world.

Cold Feet is a beautifully shot dark short film full of gore, comedy and drama and is a great attribute to the genre, with plenty of blood, guts and limbs. Already it is being well received by the public winning the Golden Remy Award and has been featured in different festivals including; the Houston World Fest and most recently Fantasia Film International Festival.

Cold Feet played July 23rd, 19:15 at Salle J.A. De Seve before comedy horror Bag Boy Lover Boy, as part of Fantasia.