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Montreal Cross vs. Greenpeace

Greenpeace on the Cross

Greenpeace on the Cross

Last Tuesday Montreal was stormed by Greenpeace! Six activist in orange jump suits scaled the iconic cross on Mount Royal to unfurl two banners. One read “defend the forest” while the other read “justice?” CBC news reported that Greenpeace’s Quebec director Nicolas Mainville said the banners were meant to appear as the “scales of justice.” The act was meant to “re-establish the balance between the logging practices and the protection of our public forests,” continued Mainville. Six activists? Orange jumpsuits? Mount Royal Cross? Is it just me, or is this the lamest Greenpeace act we have ever heard of? Hell I can climb the Mount Royal Cross. You only need a ladder. Remember not long ago a group called Acrtic 30 was arrested in Russia after scaling an oil platform in the Pechora Sea in the Arctic Ocean. They went to Russian jail, and the whole world got involved. Remember that? Now THAT was cool! Climbing the cross on Mount Royal, lame.

Canada Post vs. The Bad Guys

Tales of the Post

Tales of the Post

Canada post was in the news last week, for better and for worse. A Laval mail carrier spotted three men acting suspiciously on Lunebourg St. in the Vimont area. When two of the men went into a home while the remaining man backed up a SUV to a home, the postal worker knew something was amiss. The postal worked wrote down the plate number of the SUV as the robbers drove away and called 911. Luckily there was a cruiser nearby, the SUV was spotted, three men in their 20’s were arrested. Postal workers – 1, bad guys – 0! Meanwhile in the neighborhood of Ahuntsic residents began to realize their mail was not getting delivered. It seems that Canada Post fired an employee this month after a noticeable number of pieces of mail never reached their destinations. Canada Post spokeswoman Anick Losier confirmed the employee in question was fired and that the company and Montreal police are investigating. I keep getting a mental image of some really creepy guy in his underwear hanging people’s mail all over a small room in a dingy basement somewhere. So the disturbing factor far out weights the positive factor for Post Canada last week, Postal workers – minus 10.

PQ vs. Liberals vs. CAQ vs. the other one

Quebec Debate

Quebec Debate

Best headline about last Thursday’s leaders debate “They all attacked me! PQ leader Marois.” Not sure what she thought was going to happen — maybe a quick game of Twister? There were no huge moments in the debate, couple of good jabs, but no knock out punches. Couillard for all his hype before the debate did not do all that much, and let’s be honest here, a monkey could be leading the Liberal party. People who are voting for the Liberals are voting against the PQ, not for the party. Do you know what the actual Liberal platform is? I don’t. The CAQ’s Legault seemed to be the one who led the attack on Marois, but this party is starting to smell like desperation. Smile once and awhile Legault. It won’t kill you, and people like that sort of thing. As for Francoise David, she is what she is and she doesn’t pretend to be anything else.  You have to give her that. As for the referendum, at least we can all sleep easy now. Marois has put that baby to bed.  “There will be no referendum!!……uuummm until Quebecers are ready, next question please.”

Last week at a glance:

Bad Cop. Worse Cop?

Notorious Officer 728, Stefanie Trudeau, was back in the news last week as charges against Serge Lavoie, Simon Page, Karen Molina and Rudi Ochietti were dropped. Officer Trudeau came to the public eye October 2nd 2012, when she came across Ochietti at the bottom of the stairs to his apartment with a beer in his hand. By the end of the incident dozens of police officers had arrested the four men in question and Trudeau had put a choke hold on Ochietti that would have made Mad Dog Vachon blush. Unfortunately for the officer the whole thing was caught on video. Read more HERE.

Don’t Shoot the Dog

A Saskatoon man, Eugene Krawchuk, was found guilty of shooting his neighbour’s dog. Krawchuk shot his neighbour’s St. Bernard puppy, Bentley, despite pleas from the dog’s owner, 17-year-old, Lianne Price (so yes this means the young lady watched her dog get shot). The judge in the case believed the dog was shot for either trespassing on Krawchuk’s land or for disturbing him while he was playing Candy Crush on his computer. WHAT? I thought this shit only happened in the Deep South, like Kentucky or Mississippi. Buddy, you shot a kid’s dog in front of her. You, sir, disgust me.

New Tricks

kevin trudeau catalog
Infomercial huckster Kevin Trudeau and author of such favorites as “Natural Cures ‘They don’t want you to know about’”, “The Weight Loss Cure ‘They don’t want you to know about’” and “Free Money ‘They don’t want you to know about’” has been sentenced to 10 years in the pen for fraud. Now he will be able to write the book “What Happens in Prison Showers ‘They don’t want you to know about.’”

Last word of the week:

How many babies?

Now this one is one of the most messed up things I’ve ever heard. A Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu woman tricked her boyfriend and the whole town into believing she was having quintuplets (that’s five) when it turns out she was not even pregnant. The town opened their hearts and wallets, donating everything from clothes to money while the father started a Facebook page to keep family and community members up to date on the amazing pregnancy. The whole thing fell apart last Tuesday when the boyfriend took the woman to the hospital for her 34 week checkup, only to be told by a nurse that she was not pregnant! Whoa, holy jumping Jesus, let’s back this crazy train up a minute. I am not going to make fun of the woman, as she is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation (you think?). Apparently this woman started off by telling her boyfriend she was pregnant with twins, then it went to three, then four and finally five. I mean no bells went off there my friend? At the very least wouldn’t you want to speak to the doctor who missed three kids when doing the ultrasound? These aren’t hamsters. They’re babies and there just isn’t all that much room to hide in there. Sometimes I am left speechless, and this is one of those times.


Photo of the week: The Fonz! Heeeyyyyyyyy, need I say more?


the fonz

the fonz


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